i spy: peas carrots & corn.
by victoria comment


tim walker’s vivienne westwood.

when i was a kid growing up, everything in our house was green, orange and yellow. i liked to call it ‘peas, carrots & corn’ – just like the little vegetable nibblets you’d find in a frozen tv dinner on a friday night, when you’re parents would leave you home with the babysitter. i’m seeing a lot of it all over again – major flashback time! so here you go…this week, i spy ‘peas, carrots & corn’.

chele mckee.

sarah yates photography, via design milk; potted store green grass house numbers; David Trubridge seed system pendant lamps via california home & design; farrow & ball; lisa stickley londondoris tote; Vintage Pop Mod Yellow Orange Glass Set, via junkculture.

one very rad green velvet sofa, via gotasalviento.

palmer weiss interior design.

rhys chair from anthropologie; orange alarm clock from crate & barrel; cb2 paint palette pillow; button stash from red pepper quilts; jonathan adler morrow settee; artist hong lei’s photograph, via mint; and remy canary pillow from crate & barrel.

the design cubicle.

bread bin, via bostad; ferm living’s knitted cushions – just like little corn nibblets; and jonathan adler’s happy pillow.

16 responses to “i spy: peas carrots & corn.”

  1. So much Beautifulness – the vibrant orange and yellows are
    uplifting and fresh. What a joy of a post!! and i’m kind of
    crazy for the green grass house numbers…

  2. The living room on the second photo is perfect for this coming summer. It’s sunny, sassy, and comfy. Nice to the eyes and full of energy.

    I’m not sure about the carpet though. Or is it a type of a big rug or something?

  3. In our house it was brown, orange and yellow. We even had a crushed velvet orange couch! The bedroom I shared with my older sister was yellow ruffles everywhere. (her favorite color) I have hated all three of these colors since and have just lately been able to incorporate some yellow into my home.I love your pics though! I think green is much nicer than brown.

  4. Some great rooms. I looked at the entire spread for Palmer Weiss. Wow. Give me that kitchen sink with the cool window and kitchen tiles that go up all of the wall please… Vivienne Westwood! I cannot get over how she has aged! Punk-Goddess to Grandma-goddess. Was there any in between? I hope my party day’s don’t catch up with me that fast! ha!

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