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it’s birthday week at sfgirlbybay! yep, victoria and i are both getting a little older and wiser in the next few days, so i thought it only made sense to start celebrating now. i always start early because, i have to admit, i love my birthday! i totally milk the whole, “it’s my special day” thing, and so today i bring you a curated collection filled to the brim with one of the best parts of “my special day” – cake! chocolate cake with pink icing, vanilla cake covered in cherries, sweet little cupcakes, and a bunch of glowing candles (although i’m not going to tell you how many glowing candles). and of course, the best part about this lovely collection – no calories.

yum! that was goooood. ok, i’m off to get a jump start on “my special day” – and victoria, i suggest you do the same. happy birthday lovely lady!  ~ the jealous curator xo

{1. painting & sculptures ~ will cotton 2. paintings on paper ~ martha rich 3. sculpture, and close up of the inside of that fabulous sculpture ~ lauren brescia 4. realist paintings ~ anselmo swan 5. paintings ~ wayne thiebaud 6. ok, these are titled “bonfires”, but i like to believe that they’re little mixed media ice cream volcano cakes with built in candles ~ tom edwards 7. sculptures ~ beatrice moore 8. painting ~ claire grill}.

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  1. since it was my birthday yesterday…and one of my favorite shows is the cake boss…i LOVED this post!!!

    and…Happy Birthday to you both too!!!

  2. wayne thiebaud, my favorite. got to see his paintings in person at the national gallery of art in washington, dc. bigger than i had expected and i loved every inch of it.

  3. Happy birthday to the both of you! And my dear Jealous Curator, you’re making me drool all over my keyboard for some scrumptious cakes, and worst of all, it’s 11pm over here. Which means I’ll probably pig out big time at a bakery tomorrow.
    At least it will be worth it – I’m celebrating two kick-ass ladies’ birthdays! :)
    Have a good one girls!

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