a cup of new york jo.
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if you’ve been reading along the last couple of weeks, it’s probably been hard to miss the fact that i’m heading to new york city on friday for a whole week! a trip to nyc is pricey, so i could never be enjoying this luxury without completely stressing, had it not been for the fact the joanna goddard of a cup of jo and i are trading places! and this, my dear friends is joanna’s lovely west village apartment, where i’ll be staying!

i couldn’t be more excited to stay in joanna’s beautiful home, which is also located in such a fab west village location. i’m anxious to visit some of the great new york spots y’all have shared with me too! if y’all have never swapped homes with friends across the world, i highly recommend it as a way to benefit both parties and save on travel expenses! i hope joanna and her family have a wonderful time staying in my san francisco home. happy trails to both of us!

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  1. Errrrrrm, so this is kinda just a littttttttle bit cool. Seriously, you are going to have a blast – I just know it! And you know what, it sounds as though you totally need it. Enjoy and can’t wait to read all about it!

    P.S. Jo’s place? Dreamy.

  2. Omg!!! you’re switching places???? How fun!!!! I would love to switch homes… how did you guys wonderful decision? Did you know each other before hand? Yay for you. you’re gonna have so much fun. what a great way to save on a fabulous trip.

  3. me, too, joanna!

    thanks so much will – i do need it!

    angel – joanna was looking for SF tips on twitter, and i thought hmmmm? i wonder if she’d like to swap. i asked and she did! so we worked out all our dates. it was most perfect! :)

  4. i always hear of people doing this, but have never done it myself. kinda scary! but if you (in some way) know the other person, it’d be perfect.

  5. love this! It’s like “The Holiday”!! I work in NYC and would love to say hi! let me know if you are up for it!! LOVE your site! Corry

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