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i think you’re really going to love this diy post! a cluster of springy lanterns ‘how-to’ from the fabulously talented dottie angel (aka, the lovely tif fussell). i’m making these as soon as i get home! thank you tif!

dearest readers of Victoria’s peachy blog, i must confess i can get a little antsy waiting for Mr Spring to show his face. when this happens i take my antsy-ness and turn it into crafty-ness. for me nothing says ‘spring has sprung’ quite like a cluster of happy vintage looking lanterns. these are tres easy peasy to make and best of all, only a few ingredients are required.


*an odd number of paper lanterns from a party store or online source – a variety of sizes would be nice. thrift stores often have them too.

*small scraps of vintage fabric and wallpaper in happy colors along with some bits of old lace or doilies

*embroidery thread in different colors

*a trusty sewing machine

*a covered area outside

*and last but not least, a little bit of patience


open up your lanterns and hang them outside in a sheltered area. basically you are wanting the daylight to reach them but not the rain and wind or they will turn into a soggy mess. over a week or two, their original bright colors will slowly fade to beautiful vintage tones and the paper will soften a little, giving them a really lovely worn look.

whilst using your patience and twiddling your thumbs, watching your lanterns turn their peachy color, you may wish to make some ‘kite tails’ so your lanterns feel most special indeed. taking your little scraps, cut small rectangles and fold them over (so they are double sided). leaving plenty of thread at the top for tying on your tails later, start to feed your little scraps through your trusty sewing machine, finishing the tail off with a bit of lace or doily.

when your lanterns are faded perfectly, bring them back indoors, attach your sprightly scrappy kite tales at the bottom and using some colored embroidery thread hang them in a happy cluster in the corner of your room over the table or indeed perhaps your bed. without a doubt, wherever you choose to hang these happy lanterns they will bring a most springified granny chic charm to your nest.

thank you kindly Victoria for asking me to visit with your lovely readers whilst you are away, enjoying a well earned vacation ~ Tif

23 responses to “guest post: dottie angel.”

  1. nobody does crafty better than the ever-so-delightfully-dreamy Dottie Angel. your lanterns are super snazzy miss Tif; and you’ve gone & inspired me once again. off to the studio skipping i go! (scissors in my back pocket rather than my hand of course) oxo

  2. thank you so kindly for your lovely comments! delighted you are inspired to make some vintagey lanterns of your own!
    and quite rightly so Nicole, skipping with scissors is allowed, but no running ;)

  3. I can’t wait to make these! Um, am I dense? How do you best go about attaching the tails? I’m sure I’ll figure it out once I get the stuff in front of me, but any tips are appreciated. :))

  4. thank again lovely readers of Victoria’s peachy blog :)
    as for attaching the tails, the threads you have left long at the beginning before you start stitching you kite tails. take those and tie them onto the little itty bitty metal bit at the base of the lanterns :)
    if by chance your lanterns do not have an itty bitty handy place to hook your tails. then i am quite sure they are light enough to use some of that fabby japanese coloured tape to hold them in place. i think that would look lovely done as a little ‘X’ design,
    hope that helps Shannon :)

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