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Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to be here on the amazing sfgirlbybay and honored that Victoria asked me to share some of my world with you. I’m Amanda and I author and photograph the blog, Mocking Bird. One thing I love about sfgirlbybay is how Victoria ties her love of home design, photography and lifestyle together all so beautifully.

So today I thought I’d share my love of photography with my passion for an uncomplicated and happy lifestyle. I love the simple life and the way in which I infuse simplicity into a life lived in the city is by living in a village style neighbourhood. Both in my home in Sydney and now here in Vancouver, I’ve lived in neighbourhoods that make “village” living possible. In our village life, we walk to get our groceries and buy fresh foods made by locals. Would you like to join me on my stroll?

I love spending an afternoon buying my bread from the little French bakery run by a real French couple -oui oui!

We walk to buy our groceries, but bicycles are another favored mode of transport in the village streets.

We can sample flowers from the countless florists along the street…

purchase all our fruit and vegetables from the local fruit market…

wander by the magnolia trees on our walk…

and finish up with a stop in at a local cafe.

It’s the perfect way to end a neighbourhood walk. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little village stroll and am so happy to have shared it with you. Thank you for having me, Victoria!


18 responses to “guest post: mocking bird.”

  1. Beautiful photos. Jealous you live so close to Thomas Haas. I always stop in when I’m in Vancouver.

  2. Oh, how lovely, Amanda – it’s the beautiful (and delicious!)little details, like these, that make a neighbourhood feel like home. Thanks for inviting us along; I’ll have a latte, please! :-)

  3. Been to Vancouver once and really enjoyed it. Gas Town was lovely. These images are beautiful. Must investigate your blog!

  4. A woman after my own heart. Village living in an urban surrounding is what I love and what my husband and I have here in SF. Thanks for the virtual tour of your Vancouver. What neighborhood do you live in?

  5. Brilliant! I’m not a city girl, but I would like to be- and I will really try to take this all into consideration if I’m able to move. Thanks for the inspiration. It is the good life.

  6. thank you for this lovely post! It has started my day off wonderfully. I am enamored by your lifestyle and want so badly to have it for my own.


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