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Hi all, this is Raina from Raining sheep. I am hijacking Victoria’s blog today while the lucky girl is doing New York city in true style.  Style is exactly why I fell in love with Vic’s blog.  While I occupy my corporate cell each weekday, I sneak a peak at Victoria’s blog and, at least temporarily forget there is such a thing as a corporate job.  I think my favorite is her ‘Unexpected Guest’ posts.  The ideas, the fabulous decorating…it all makes my heart sing.

I have always loved the artsy side of life and have gone through various iterations of decorating styles.  I started out with hippy chic, you know, the Chianti-bottle-with-the-candle (remember the ones!), macrame plant hangers, and sandalwood incense.  I later graduated to country style, victorian, shabby chic, eclectic, boho chic…and finally ended up at a place I love – minimal, mid-century modern, with some granny chic thrown in when my husband is not looking.

I have to admit I have been getting into some of the minimalism blogs and recently went through a ‘things’ purging period. The ladies at my local Goodwill know me by my first name.  I pretty much gave away most of my house. I only kept the things I absolutely love.  I even purged my yarn collection – a huge achievement for a sometimes-knitter/crochet lover and collector of sock yarn.

I love the empty spaces around me, there is this zen feel to a room with not much in it except a few amazingly well designed pieces of furniture. I have to admit there is always an inner struggle to bring more things in; each time I visit Victoria’s blog I fall in love with something.  That boho-chic tendency has never really left me.  However, there is something cleansing about clear, bare surfaces.  Never mind the fact that my cleaning lady says we are her favorite clients as she has very few things to dust!

My home is a work in progress. Still a long way to go before it’s there.  Additionally I realize, rather pleasantly, that my home will never really be ‘there’. Style to me is a constant, evolving journey.

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  1. Oh Miss Raina! I do love your home, with those beautifully photogenic blue walls, and I love that you have a perfect balance of mid century meets granny chic. Very lovely… :)
    Emma, s

  2. So nice to see your home. I have always enjoyed your photography with that wonderful blue wall as the background.

    And love that sentiment that a home is never really finished as style is always evolving.

    Thank you for sharing, lovely.x

  3. Well said and well done, Raina! I, too, love having empty space. It feels more luxurious than having lots of stuff. It’s hard not to accumulate stuff when you are an arts and crafts type of person. And when you see lots of cool things an the blogs like this!

  4. Hi Raina! It’s nice to meet people with the same passion and interest in life. I too like the guests’ posts. It’s very dynamic and inspirational. Aside from Vic’s DIY articles, I get most of my inspirations (for my house and garden designs) from the guest posts.

    I hope you’ll come back soon and post another useful post.

  5. Hi Raina, thanks for sharing your beautiful home.
    I elove the credenza your cat is sitting on, where did you get it ?
    Have a lovely day and week

  6. No matter what you do to your home, there will always be something more you’d like to add, take away or change in some way. As humans, we get bored easy. I find it interesting though, hearing about other peoples journeys. You have a lovely home.

  7. you know how I love your home, don’t you ?
    and I agree : to me, empty spaces = zen !
    the problem being there’s a lot of things I love, that come from my ancestors (all gone) & dear to my couple life, so I’m not as minimalist as I’d like to…
    thank you for this peek in your beautiful nest !

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