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miniature portraits. tiny little portraits painted onto tiny little bits of enamel, copper and canvas. i had no idea how many of these little things existed, until a few weeks ago. i was lucky enough to be invited to do an interview & guest curation on “the inside source”, ebay’s blog. my task was to pick any ten items that caught my eye. i started browsing around looking for interesting bits of art, and every which way i turned, i found these 19th century miniature portraits – children, pretty ladies, soldiers, gentlemen, babies. apparently, everyone and their dog {literally} got their portraits painted onto the smallest surfaces they could find. after hours of being slightly obsessed with scrolling through hundreds of these little gems, i actually ended up writing my post about something elsebut, i could not stop thinking about these lovely keepsakes from the 1800’s. obviously, my only option was to turn them into this week’s curated collection!

ok, that’s it – i’m going to get my portrait, along with the likeness of my two wiener dogs, painted onto the smallest piece of paper i can find! wish me luck! ~ the jealous curator xo

{all of these images can be found by searching for “miniature portraits”, on ebay. have fun!}

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  1. This past year I discovered rings made out of hair. Something similarly fantastic that is no longer revered like these miniature portraits. The last one is really beautiful- you really get a sense of the jewels she is wearing etc.!

  2. Exquisite!!! These are such works of art and so much talent to work in miniature.

    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!

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