blogshop is coming to the bay area!
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i’m so excited to partner up with Victoria and take blogshop on the road to San Francisco! and even better, we are hosting the event at this beautiful art studio called Teahouse Studio! it turns out bloggers really want to learn Photoshop, and we are here to save the day! blogshop is a 2 day workshop taught by photographer Angela Kohler and myself (Bri from Design Love Fest). you can get the whole rundown right here! oh, and Victoria will be a student in the class too!

we will be covering how to make your blog posts unique, retouching, how to take that pimple off your forehead, and how to add color and pizazz to your mood boards! i think it’s about time to make your blog or business standout on the internet or just make it something you are proud of! you will even get your portrait taken and learn how to animate it or use it as your new blog photo!


quick details:

where: Teahouse Studio in the Bay Area!

dates: July 30-31

time: Starting at 10am for approx 8-10 hours

class limit: 20 people

price: $750

requirements: Must have a laptop (mac preferred) and Photoshop installed (you can download the free 30 day trial if you don’t have it)

strong suggestions: Mouse (or Wacom Tablet if you are fancy)

If you have questions and to reserve your spot in the class, you can email

hope to see you there!
bri + angela

12 responses to “blogshop is coming to the bay area!”

  1. shannon, i can see why it may seem to be expensive, but i don’t think it is. not when you figure it’s two instructors for two full days for only 20 people. that’s quite personalized, and based on what i’ve seen of the class, they’ve put their heart and souls into making it fun, and beneficial to blogging, and creating a website especially as a career.

  2. This is what I was waiting for and I too am out of town that weekend. Please, please, offer round two in the fall. I’ll sign up now if you do!

  3. I’m dying to take this class but will also be out of town that weekend…please PLEASE offer another course in SF!!!

  4. The class sounds phenomenal, but I also have to agree about the price – $750 is even more money than the cost of attending BlogWorld and BlogHer, which are multi-day conferences with dozens of seminars. I think you should at least offer a generous early bird discount. I think you will probably find that a lot of gals want to come, but won’t be able to afford it. Just my 2 cents!

  5. I love the concept of this. People shouldn’t have to go to school to learn the basics of web content production, so a little workshop is an awesome idea. But I agree with the others about the price. This experience seems more about the smilebooth, the baggu bags, and the catered lunches, than about the teachings. There are things like that offer year memberships and access to a gazillion video tutorials for half the price.

  6. i see what you’re saying about your concerns about blogshop’s price, but i think with the small class, and the total experience of it is well worth the price – it’s a workshop experience that aims to be fun, and educational, and is very one-on-one. for me personally, i can’t learn online – i need ‘live’ help! i’m excited to learn and have a fun weekend.

  7. soooooo excited to attend this class! i attended the shorter version in portland this past weekend and i cannot even begin to describe how much i got out of just 3 hours with bri….this chick is AMAZING and a super rad teacher. it was worth every penny and more…i got so much out of it that i immediately signed up for the full length version in the bay area despite the price or the distant to travel (i live in seattle). i cannot WAIT to learn more from these chicks! they are insanely talented! oh and super bonus! met some really amazing gals and can only imagine i’ll meet some pretty fabulous people in san fran too….victoria included!

  8. On the price: If you have an existing business – it’s a business expense, and you can “write it off!”

  9. Just squeaked in and snagged the last spot. I’m so excited! I hear what people are saying on the price and I think, to a blogger, that it seems high because we are used to conference prices and e-courses. This is a different animal. Typically any kind of graphic design training costs well over $500. Do a quick google search for “Photoshop Class, San Francisco” and you’ll find two day courses that cost $650 and $895. And as Virginia pointed out, this is also in a much more warm environment that is catered to the unique needs of bloggers—with instructors who have a similar style aesthetic. That’s pretty priceless!

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