guest post: door sixteen.
by Anna Dorfman comment


i’m so grateful (and excited!) to have a guest post from one of my very favorite people, anna from door sixteen. anna’s jumping in today and taking us along on a picnic. thank you, anna!

Maybe it’s because I eat nearly every lunch sitting under fluorescent lights and hunched over my keyboard, but lately I just cannot stop thinking about dining alfresco with a blanket beneath me. As I look out my office window over midtown Manhattan, I fantasize about heading over to Central Park with a picnic basket in hand and a friend at my side. Is there anything better than feeling the sun on your back while you eat, watching dogs run and play as you sip lemonade and smell the summer air? No way!

Since I can’t escape for lunch today, a gathering of my fantasy picnic supplies will have to suffice…

1. Equilateral Triangles quilt from CarsonToo;  2. Lorina French pink lemonade;  3. Woven picnic basket from Crate & Barrel;  4. Enamel mug and dish from Toast;  5. Indira bedspread from IKEA;  6. Melmac salad servers from Vintage Modern and More;  7. Bento bag from Zakka Nouveau;  8. Roll-up wooden utensil set from Chabatree.

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  1. Glad you all like my picnic finds! And thank you Victoria for having me over. :)

    Oh, and PhillyLass, that’s actually the same company that makes the bento bag I included in this post!

  2. Hopp over to Geneva. Half of the town was out on picnic after work this week when I was there. Hardly any space on the grass and the steps to the lake, and in the middle a Swan’s nest and many, many baby ducks. Sooooooooo neat.

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