tuesday’s girl: savage beauty.
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one of the highlights of my trip to new york, was not something i was able to photograph to share with you, but the impressions of what i saw, and felt, definitely linger on in my mind. the alexander mcqueen retrospective, savage beauty, at the metropolitan museum of art was simply stunning and utterly inspiring. if you are going to be in new york anytime from now through august 7th, it really must be on your list of what not to miss.

i saw the show the day after my father passed, and although you may find it strange that i was out and about, i had the choice to sit inside and cry, or to see some great art. i think my father would have wanted me to see art, and so i opted for the latter. savage beauty had an air of melancholy about it that was most appropriate to my mood, and yet, i left feeling uplifted. alexander mcqueen looked at life and death romantically, and perhaps that was just the place i needed to be at that moment. regardless, it is a most spectacular look at an amazing artist’s body of work – savage beauty features approximately 100 pieces from McQueen’s 19-year fashion career, beautifully organized by andrew bolton, curator of the costume institute – and if you can see it, you absolutely should.

the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, will run from May 4th, and has been extended one week, through August 7th.

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  1. what an amazing show! having been a textile design and costume history graduate, i studied mcqueen extensively in school. i am so disappointed i won’t be able to make this. just curious…what was your favorite part of the exhibit?

  2. Oh, what a lucky woman! I’m dying to see this amazing exhibit but alas, I think I’ll have to miss it. :( Glad you were able to enjoy.

  3. It’s a bit haunting and almost macabre. Wish I had the chance to take a peek! I’m glad it occupied your mind during such a rough time.

  4. kim – it’s hard to pick a favorite part, but the video of shalom harlowe’s dress being sprayed by the robots with paint, and her speaking about it was pretty incredible.

    definitely it’s good to get the audio tour, i think it would make all the difference in explaining what he was thinking.

    i think this video is a very good representation of the audio tour.

    i hope the show may travel, but i’ve not found any info on that yet.

  5. Fabulous post! I went over the weekend but it was brutally hot and the line was an almost 2 hour wait. My friend and I just couldn’t tough it out…. I’m going to head back asap though. Its surely a must see. Staffers said if you come before noon there’s barely a line. :)

  6. we went on a friday by like 11am and it was pouring rain. the line was long, but went very quickly. i don’t think we waited more than a half hour.

  7. Just saw the link on Facebook… and commented there. I think our loved ones are closest to us when we do things that we enjoy & receive inspiration.. My beloved grandmother, who passed away a few years ago, so influenced me in art & design & she believed life is for the living. Glad you decided to venture out & enjoy the exhibition.

  8. Who is that hunk? The designer Alexander McQueen? His stuff is beautiful. Exactly how I would love to dress if I was still in my twenties. Wowie.. Master-Pieces. I’m glad you went out the day after your dad died. You are right, moping gets us nowhere. Your dad wants you to be happy. Death is a celebration in many countries. For the first few years after my dad died- I really delved into the customs of El Día de los Muertos. We must honor in every-which imaginable for their memory and for ourselves.

  9. My son and I love Alexander McQueen and I love that you looked at art on your so sad day. For me art connects me to everyone, everything and when I am in need emotionally, art never fails me. Wonderful post. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that this beauty was a comfort. When my mother invited me to NYC I totally informed her that seeing this show was my priority. I’m looking forward to it.

  11. No point staying at home my sweets, go out when you can and enjoy your life….thats all Dads want for their little girls, it will be a difficult time, but take each day as it comes and do what you want – never feel guilty, just try to see the optimistic side of life and death…you are an inspiration and that is why you found yourself at the Great Late Alexander McQueen’s exhibition, perhaps in some way through your art inspirations, they will both meet up in heaven, wouldn’t that be lovely :)

    Thanking of you honey at this sad time xx

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