vintage finds for a modern world: exposed brick.
by victoria comment


concept blanc.

something i realized on my trip to new york, is that the one thing i love most about the architecture there is all that brick. i love the look of exposed brick, worn, well-lived, loaded with history. oh, if only those bricks could talk! i thought i’d round up some rooms that embrace the look of brick.

juno harpoon.

cisco brothers’ los angeles showroom, via apartment therapy.

a brooklyn apartment designed by wary meyers.

loft of rob brinson and jill sharp brinson as shared on design*sponge (above & below).

sometimes, brick makes the perfect headboard, via apartment therapy; yayo; the selby and lonny magazine.

transformed garage, via apartment therapy.

i also like the lighter side of brick, via mixr, light locations, and design*sponge.

29 responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: exposed brick.”

  1. Yes, I miss BRICK
    I loved growing up around it, the history the stories it told. My dream is to own a brick home one day.
    Here in Vegas, I don’t think any brick even exists so sad :(

  2. So many wonderful examples here. I love exposed brick, and cannot fathom why more people do not see the beauty in its variation and patina. Of course, old brick is more interestingly patterned than new, but freshly laid bricks, especially if laid in irregular depths, are wonderful too.

  3. We’re currently looking to buy a house. One of our faves has an enormous brick wall that runs all the way to the ceiling, housing a duel sided fireplace. To paint or not? I want to paint it, my husband is skeptical. Hopefully these images will change his mind!

  4. so glad you all liked this post – i’ve been dreaming of brick since new york. i love the contrast of it, with some more modern pieces.

    katie – it’s from a lonny shot, so maybe it’s on their site. seems like you could diy this table somehow, too!

  5. You’ve just hit on my weakness…love, love, love exposed interior brick & you’ve found some really awesome interiors here for me to drool over!

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