separated at birth.
by victoria comment


donna reed and grain surboards.

i’d like to at least pretend that warm summer days are soon upon us (those of us in san francisco know that june really means lots and lots of chilly fog). so i thought we’d hit the surf, or sit poolside in this sunny version of separated at birth. we can at least fantasize about getting that coppertone tan.

the parker palm springs and marilyn monroe.

tuesday weld and lonny.

houzz and mom’s basement.

fbrinsley and natalie wood.

sally field (aka gidget) and the selby.

natalie wood and traditional home.

sweet sassafras and paola navone via design boom.

13 responses to “separated at birth.”

  1. So cool. I will have to come back to these and spend time and absorb them all in. Beautiful!

  2. I love these pairings (and the whole series)! I admire the searching skills to track down & match the photos, & the colors all just make me happy. Thanks.

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