i spy: fancy pants.
by victoria comment



sometimes, i like a little bit of what i like to call ‘fancy pants’ around the house. not a lot, mind you, but styling with some glam gilded gold accent pieces, a tufted baroque looking little settee, or an unexpected chandelier can create some nice contrast to vintage-modern, or mid-century pieces, such as in the image above of mikel irastorza’s home. i love the juxtaposition of a gold leaf sculpture paired with an antique french farm table, and some bertoia chairs. brilliant! a splash of glam is almost slightly amusing, and adds a bit of humor, or kitsch to a room. and i like a room that doesn’t take itself too seriously. this week i spy fancy pants!

love these bedroom sconces via lonny, which inspired my own bedroom decor (below); a lovely sun burst, via emma’s design blog; and a gold side table really spruces up an entryway, via elle decoration uk.

my bedroom decor.

i love this over the top collage of gilded mirrors, via the selby.

i love the chandelier, and pops of mirror and metallic mixed with these mid-century modern pieces, via lonny.

i love this baroque looking buffet and gilded gold wall sconce, mixed with the potted flowers from the pages of the current issue of rue.

even empty gold gilded frames add panache to a room, via sarah kaye representation.

modern lighting contrasted with a very ornate mirror makes this dining room interesting, via lonny.

a gilded headboard is placed unexpectedly along side the bed, via the selby.

gold candle holders and frames add glam to this simple dining room, via emma’s design blog; and gold mirrors make these room shot by photographer simon brown pop!

great funky gilded chandeliers, as seen in rue magazine.

plain, but still fancy, by photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson, via HGTV.

19 responses to “i spy: fancy pants.”

  1. One of my favorite trick is placing vintage silver mylar wallpaper on the ceiling.
    Even the largest repeat in the smallest space, creates a simple reflection and a most and wild surprise… when we relax.


  2. Totally gorgeous and great ideas, I was never keen on gold and baroque decorations, but since I got a huce guild gold old french mirror that is sitting next to my dinning table got hooked I would love to get some decorations like the ones in your room, elegant, vintage and gorgeous!

  3. These decorations look stunning but I have to beg off from them coz they all look expensive. Classy but too much for me. And I may not be able to maintain them that well.

    Like Bruno Mar’s said “I want to be a billionaire.”

  4. I love seeing the gold mirrors with the black and white photography. I have a collection of gold mirrors and frames very similar and was getting tired of them. I will have to try this! Did anyone notice that tres cool furnace. Also love leaning mirrors on walls. So clever for making a room look bigger.

  5. oh. my. goodness. i am loving this post! that grouping of gold candlesticks/lamps is amazing. and i’ve always loved mixing mid-century modern with french glam. thanks for the inspiration!

  6. oh, i want some fancy pants around my house too! i have put off purchasing a huge mirror for my dining room for far too long. your post inspires me to consider the fun possibilities of a grouping. thanks and cheers to fancy pants!

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