curated collections.
by the jealous curator comment


i love typography. i love art – do you see where i’m going with this? yes! an entire ‘curated collection’ of text-based art! wood, paint, thread, glitter, old signage, and even a little bit of ice. man, oh man, this is my type of art. get it? type of art? ok, you get it – let’s just look at the work, shall we?

ok, so who wants to go on a road trip to the sign graveyard in vegas? yes! me too – i’ll meet you there!  ~ the jealous curator xo

{1. collage ~ greg lamarche 2. gouache on paper ~ mike monteiro 3. installations ~ archie scott gobber 4. icey photographs ~ kotama bouabane 5. repurposed sign lettering ~ jack pierson 6. mixed media ~ ben skinner 7. graphite on paper ~ charmaine olivia 8. photographs ~ erin hanson 9. paintings ~ trey speegle}

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  1. I printed out the “It’s Over” and “What do you mean what do I mean”- both are perfect right now. Have them hanging on my desk at work. Thanks! Makes me smile and feel understood- hah!

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