fab friday.
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C’est Magnifique Wallpaper.

I’ll be in paris in a couple of weeks, so a thought i’d round up all things french this fab friday. low and behold, i stumbled upon this C’est Magnifique Wallpaper from anthropologie, and i may have just accidentally discovered how to finally resolve the fiasco that is my hideous pink & blue bathroom! what if i hung this paper, and accessorized with jet black bath towels trimmed with little black pompoms? kinda kitschy, but oh so Parisian! anyway, i digress…on to embracing my inner francophile!

what is it about ribbons and stripes that instantly conjures up france for me? a fancy ribbon rosette hand embroidered by Tara Badcock at story; and striped pillow by unison; pretty vintage souvenir scarf 50’s Bouquet de Paris from fabrique fantastique; some Vintage Light Blue French Taffeta Ribbon from 6pence; a 1957 Vintage Postcard of The Eiffel Tower from vintage with heart; and these lounging pajamas look quite cozy for curling up after a long day wandering the seine.

maybe i need to skip around the streets of paris, wearing a forage bow tie (for ladies), n’cest pas?

i’m going to need to see woody allen’s midnight in paris before i leave next friday. i hear it’s full of amazing and inspiring paris scenery.

think i might stumble upon some of this in paris? i could be okay with that. ouí! via photographer pia ulin.

this watercolor by director gus van sant just screams ‘paris!’ to me. lillet is a favorite apéritif of mine, so i plan on having quite a few; as well as ingesting some of Ladurée’s famous macarons; i’ve heard much ado about the vélib bicycle rental system in paris, and i think i might like to try that out (via treehugger), since i plan on eating and drinking my way through the city.

and finally, this feels so Amélie to me…i want to read by lamplight like this in the paris evenings, tucked away in my le marias studio apartment, which i discovered on airbnb.

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  1. Midnight is Paris is soooooo unbelievably fabulous. You must go. I’m not the type to get worked up over any city other than New York, but even I got pangs of wanderlust for Paris when I saw it.

  2. Actually it’s “vivE la France”, not “viva” ;) Have a great stay in Paris. You should definitely visit the south too (French Riviera), it’s even more beautiful than the city! :)

  3. jeannine – i will, indeed! :)

    lau – i will be in amsterdam until the morning of the 25th, but not at the blogging meet up. was hoping to meet some of the attendees friday night for a drink or something!

  4. Paris!! You lucky girl!! I just watched Midnight in Paris yesterday…sooooooo lovely! And you’re so lucky to actually get to visit Paris right after seeing this movie because it’s exactly what one feels like doing after watching. Love the wallpaper too:) xo

  5. Victoria I hope you have a fantastic time! The last time I was in Paris I was nursing a broken heart. :-) My favorite Paris movie is “Before Sunset”–kind of talky but I love it. Looking forward to your posts about your trip when you come back to us. :-)

  6. Such a beautiful selection of images and lovely post! By the way your blog is amazing and creative. Keep up the great work and positives vibes. ((-:

    Have fun in Paris, enjoy every moment! (-:

    Cheers! =(^.^)=

  7. I want to see your before and after bathroom! I LOVE all the elements you’ve put together. A macaron dispenser might be nice?
    How did you get Amelie to stop by?

  8. Saw Midnight in Paris at the Kabuki– it’s perfect (glass of champagne in hand of course). Have a wonderful time in Paris.

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