i spy: wonderful white.
by victoria comment



i’m never gonna get over my love affair with white. the more i see it, the more i want to reinvent my house again (maybe even covering up some of those chalkboard black walls!), and start fresh. i love the black & white floral draperies and pop of pink in lonny’s new office. that Scandinavian white just feels so fresh, and so happy! how can you be in a bad mood in one of these rooms? this week, i spy wonderful white!

some lovely styling ideas fromdecor8; and dottie angel.

sweet swedish apartment via bright.bazaar; and lovely rooms as photographed by anson smart.

one day, i’m gonna get brave and paint my wood floors white, too! like these from lonny, and just like souvenirs du passé récent did!

i love holly’s dresser collection, as seen on lolalina.

accessorizing with white: love this pantel pillar wall sconce from anthropologie; decorating with white plates, via martha stewart; victorian dome with skull from filthy home; a very sweet musings tray from anthropologie; and a laura ashley custom foot stool.

pretty, feminine pops of pink, via flourish design & style.

beautiful whites via petra bindel; and yatzer.

mademoiselle tiss headboard and wall panel.

a perfect bedroom, via light locations.

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  1. Gorgeous! I, too, have been wanting to paint our floors white upstairs but I guess I’m scared… in all the photos I’ve ever seen, the floors look so clean and untouched. It makes me wonder, though, what they’d look like in our crazy house with big dogs playing fetch up and down the hallway…

  2. It’s just so classic…as long as you get the right ‘white’! I once repainted an entire room as the white i used first time around looked too cold and clinical! What a drama.

  3. White is da bomb! I have some white laminate lying in my living to push myself to do the flooring in the rest of the house just like in my study and bedroom …. yes!

  4. Beautiful rooms but I don’t think I could live in something like those. I am so sick of white you have no idea. I’ve been living in a white apartment for 8 yrs that I can’t do anything to as far as adding color ’cause my husband is to anal about putting things on the wall… makes me sad sometimes.

  5. @alex wijnen I have white washed floors. Kids, dogs, cats. I have drug furniture across, including my 3/4 grand piano, not been at all careful, etc.. The result? Scratched and worn places, all showing a wonderful life lived. I love the way it’s faded in more places than others. That you can see where my (now deceased) mother once rolled a desk chair back and forth between the computer and printer for months while writing a book. Sometimes, I do want strip everything and make it pristine glossy and magazine worthy, but sterile is for doctor’s offices.

  6. I’m with ya on this one. I hope the trend continues, the bright airy feel of white just makes me happy when I’m in a room like these. I’m crazy about that photograph, and those black and white draperies in the first picture. Thanks for the afternoon pick me up :) Happy Monday!

  7. I’m with Jennifer. I think that when I came to the realization that personal artifacts, (floors), homes etc. outlive us human-beings, that I got more relaxed and decided it is a waste of energy to be overly cautious of “things”. Worn is like a scar, it screams life has lived here. Oh I love the white and I love the Eiffel Tower painting.

  8. Victoria, I love, love that pink chair — do you have any idea where it can be purchased? I can’t seem to figure it out from the links you credited the images with …

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  9. I am completely smitten with that cool picture over the fireplace that appears to have a lace curtain over it – an awesome effect!!! It’s gorgeous! I adore the white everything!


  10. Love LOVE this post! I also have a white “thing.” Does anyone know where the curtains are from in the first photo? I’m doing a reverse white room (black walls, white furniture) and those curtains would look perfect.

  11. Love these so much. Boyf and I are currently looking for our first house together, I’ve pretty much sent him a link to this and said if it doesnt look like this i’m moving out. FACT. x

  12. I know what you mean about white me too!!!!!!!!We bought our first house a couple of years ago and we ripped out all the carpet to find we had PLYWOOD floors!!!!!!!!!!! In a way it was lucky because I was able to paint them ALL WHITE and that is what I did! It is fine if you use floor paint and wait to walk on them for at least a week it hardly chips. It does get dirty but they’re also very easy to clean. They do get a little chipped or scratched like any floor but you wouldn’t see it in a picture. In a picture mine always look pristine.

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