vintage finds for a modern world: the bridge loft.
by victoria comment


oh yeah, get ready for some real loft candy. i love lofts, and hope to someday be lucky enough to live in one, but in the meantime, i’m just gonna embrace and drool over this lovely loft. it’s called the bridge loft, a converted loft studio located in dumbo, brooklyn. it’s managed and rented out by the photography location company, oswalds mill, who also has some other incredible locations in pennsylvania, including an amazing mill of course, and a locomotive with its own train station! but, let’s focus on this one with its awe-inspiring views for now, shall we? i can’t take too much awesome at once.

21 responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: the bridge loft.”

  1. Amazing floors! I just undid one room that is gonna be part of the bigger kitchen ‘to be’ from the floors… And I wonder if my concrete will look as good as this when threatened ;)

  2. Ohhh wow, this loft is just gorgeous, love every detail…that white couch…those lamps…I don’t want to leave this page! Thanks for making my eyeballs smile!

  3. They catered our wedding!! AND we had an incredible night of food tasting at their mill near our place in PA! I would HIGHLY suggest them to anyone in the PA/NY area … their style is sick and Jonathon’s got crazy mad food skills as well!

    Glad to see them featured in blog land!

  4. Totally cool…I have a friend who lived in a loft near the fashion district in NY city years ago and it was fabulous! a lot like the loft you have shown here…:)

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