now we’re cookin’.
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like that blog title? ha! there i go again, trying to be all pithy. but these kitchens and dining nooks are really cookin’! smokin’ hot even! they’re just so stylish, cheerful and bright. i went on a little binge and just had to share. now, if only i could rip out my yellow and burgundy (bleeck!) kitchen tile and start anew. a cook can dream, right?

hus & hembolig magasinet and hus & hem.

hus & hem, and fantastic frank; and residence | mixr.

Susanna Varpunen via petra bindel in dwell.

the selby, and a cozy kitchenette from vtwonen.

dusty deco, and fernlund + logan, dos family.

living etc.

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  1. Not fair all these photo’s have such a great source of light! Light and white! Must seek it out! @ Sami- white is easy to keep clean. Easier than black and stainless steel which has been all the rage in the last decade imo.

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