guest post: automatism.
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Hello, it’s Lori of automatism here — and today I thought I’d share some classic French style with you, inspired by Victoria’s exciting trip to Paris.

This is the home of legendary designer Dominique Kieffer, and it’s a brilliant example of the sort of understated elegance that the French do so well. I love how the earthy palette of browns, greiges and creams is contrasted with the odd dark wall, and how traditional French furniture happily coexists with a Swedish folding table here, a Spanish candlestick there — a relaxed and modern approach to a timeless style. More photos here, too. Via Marie Claire Italia.

• photography by Denise Bonenti/Vega Mg.

13 responses to “guest post: automatism.”

  1. This is onebof the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. Cozy and light?? Sooo hard to get right, and done sososo well here!!

  2. love the photo of the Chinese man. It automatically conjures up that his queque (braid) has been cut off with the thread in a bunch and out of focus! I had to take a double take! The rooms are beautiful.

  3. I was just looking for pics of this place. I saw it in a magazine years ago. It’s a bit different now, but still the same feeling. Incredible textiles.

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