an apartment in paris.
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yay! hi guys! i am at long last home from my travels…and as much as i look forward to an adventure, i always love coming home to san francisco, and getting back to blogging. many thanks to my most excellent guest bloggers, as well…i could not have left you in better hands.

i thought i’d share a glimpse of my paris apartment today! i found this charming studio in le marais via airbnb. if you’ve never checked out their site, it is a wonderfully inexpensive way to find holiday lodging in private homes and apartments all over the world. this apartment belongs to photographer justin, and was highly rated, and very affordable. airbnb apartments come in all shapes and sizes (there is even rumored to be a bathroom you can rent near dolores park!) and they are rated based on reviews. so you can read what others who have stayed there before you had to say in their own words. i found this most helpful, and justin was an incomparable host. here’s a peek at my place in paris!

• all photos © sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Perfect timing. My Hubby and I are planning our first trip to France Next year. Will check out the lodging. After spending a FORTUNE on hotels in Italy, I think this is the way to go. Thank you for sharing.

  2. karen – this place was only $141/nite. which for paris, or almost anywhere is really good. and there was a full kitchen. i highly recommend

    ingrid – i had to look that up. ;) don’t be jealous…go! :)

  3. this space is gorgeous. love all of the details and those large windows! hope you had a fantastic trip. couldn’t agree more — i love adventure and travel, but there’s nothing quite like coming home again.

  4. Wowzers. The creativity of this space blows me away. I’d LOVE to stay there for a few weeks! I like to stay in places different to how I would decorate myself because afterall that’s what holidays are all about to me: experiences! Welcome back, Victoria!

  5. will – i know what you mean. sometimes when i’m renting a home, i rearrange the accessories and even the furniture a little to please myself. don’t tell the owners…i put it all back! ;)

    beeveedee – it was built in the 1700’s! but i do believe the floors were a new addition.

  6. is awesome! i can’t say enough good things about this place.

    alexis – i really loved those vintage green leather chairs, but the window seat was quite a dreamy place to sit and read.

  7. Welcome home, Victoria! Hope you enjoyed the city of lights as much as I did. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. This is a *great* start! SO charming! LOVE airbnb! :)

  8. So lovely! Thank you for sharing this inspiring space:) Your guest bloggers were awesome. Welcome back! Happy to see you here, again!

  9. I agree with you about airbnb- my husband and I took our two teenagers to europe for three weeks in May, and we booked airbnb all the way. Had great experiences! We stayed in Paris, too, in an apartment in the Batignolles neighborhood. Excellent. Love your photos from the trip!

  10. I’m flagging this apt for a possible stay after the beginning of the year. I took at trip to Paris with my 4 best college friends to celebrate our 50th birthdays last month. It was amazing! So much fun, I’m already planning another trip!

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