happiness hideout.
by victoria comment


how’s this for a sweet little secret hideout? i’d love to while away my days in this very Scandinavian-looking, whitewashed guest cottage from light locations. it may be intended for a photography location, but i’d like to lay around here, leisurely reading, napping, or painting! wouldn’t a place like this with all that natural light inspire you to get out the paints and brushes and go at it? i think so!

• all photos via light locations.

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  1. Wow! This is so beautiful! Would make a great little getaway spot!! Your posts are always filled with such wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing your information and inspiration with us. :)

  2. Our attic is white, very much like this room but with a bit more funiture – sewing, reading it has many purposes but yes it is the best napping space!

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