souvenirs de paris – part deux.
by victoria comment


i love souvenirs, but perhaps not in the traditional sense. sometimes i like the kitschy stuff, like the eiffel tower key chains (above). but, my keepsake purchases are usually more useful – something i can use in the kitchen, like the egg cup from merci – i’ll be eating my soft boiled eggs in it one morning and think “ahhh, i got this in paris“. i like those kinds of mementos. nothing was too expensive either…nothing over €27. here’s a look at what i brought back to remind me of my summer days in paris.

some japanese (go figure!) tape from merci; an old photograph of the eiffel tower and a vintage bracelet i found at ew, on rue saint paul; and, naturally i couldn’t resist the photobooth for €2 at bon ton – a beautiful children’s store.

an adorable rose print aline skirt and silk scarf from a small boutique in le marais, which i no longer can remember the name of — mon deui!

some stark white bensimon sneakers from their shop in le marais; some lovely smelling soap from a french pharmacie around the corner from my apartment.

a simply must have, ladurée macarons…before, and after – they’re all gone, but i needed to keep the sweet box!

some simple charm necklaces from merci. one is strung on ribbon, the others on waxed red twine. i think i’ll wear them all together, or wear one as a bracelet.

a sweet print pillow from bensimon that was on sale; and a wooden mortar and pestle i found at the paris flea — can’t wait to grind up some fresh herbs and fondly remember where it came from.

i had to have the kusmi tea, if not just for the delicious tea, but these great tea tins, too. and a vintage tea towel from another wonderful vintage shop on rue saint paul, au petit bonheur la chance — there’s lots of flea market type shops clustered on this street! more to come on my adventures there…

• all photos © sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Great finds! I laughed when I saw the eiffel tower key chains, they are sold everywhere in Paris, you really can’t miss them ^^ I really like the things you bought at merci. That store must be so amazing!

  2. I hav been searching so much for St Paul last year.. I found it in Sebastian’s book (dunno if you are familiar with him / link on my favorite books and magazines list on my sidebar) I did find it just an hour before leaving town and it was all closed. As there were so many places closed.. I do not really like the fact of Paris having almost all shops closed for the entire month of August.. It kinda sucks LOL

  3. You know what, your photos are so beautiful, you don’t even need to buy anything to bring home, they are the best souvenirs (but go ahead and buy stuff anyway, I mean, I’m not insane.)

  4. Your photos really are like a day trip to Paris. And sooooooooo much easier than the flight to get there! Merci beaucoup, Victoria!

  5. victoria, i’m also a blogger from san francisco and currently in paris. i was inspired by this post to check out laduree and kusmi tea. i am in love with kusmi earl grey at the moment. thanks for sharing your finds. xoxo, tina

  6. Such fun goodies! I got a couple of pairs of Bensimon sneakers…so fun! I had such fun at the pharmacies and bought a few creams and lotions that I love! Oh…this is making me want to go back NOW!

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