vintage finds for a modern world: merci, merci!
by victoria comment


there’s an amazing shop that one simply must visit when in paris. jordan of oh happy day! took me by here on our way to the paris flea, and alas it was closed (on sundays) but i just had to go back. merci is beautiful, and really, really big — like two huge floors of a sunlit loft big, plus a cafe, and a reading room-slash-coffee house. think abc carpet meets anthropologie with french flair, and that’s merci.

i discovered a lot of these ‘concept’ stores while in europe. not settling to fall into one category, merci is many things to many people – selling vintage and new homewares, jewelry, lighting, cookware, clothing, and as i said a few cafes thrown in for good measure. it’s fun! and lest i sound too american — it’s one-stop shopping! i could have brought home half the store had it fit in my suitcase. merci, merci!

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  1. It’s gorgeous, is that really the front of the shop! Those cobblestones are awesome. And I love the front door. You generally don’t see spaces like this here anywhere- where every retail square-inch isn’t chockablock full of retail items. I really believe open space to see items connotes a sense of calm. It makes what items are there extra special. This is that kind of place.

  2. Yes, Whenever we go to Paris, merci is the place to go and spend time, have something great to eat and enjoy amasing things. Thanks to remind me of this place!

  3. as i was cycling through paris earlier this week i found merci just loved it. you really cannot miss it as the bright red car stands out and grabs your attention. the clothes, jewelry, and furniture are gorgeous. worth the time perusing around and grabbing a coffee. i got a simple necklace there and just love looking at it and feeling thankful.

  4. As if it wasn’t enough that ‘merci’ is a fabulous store with yummy food, the icing on the cake is that their profits go to charity. What’s not to love about it.

  5. A big fat delayed comment here to say that I gasped aloud when I read this. YUMMY! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s going to the top of the list when I’m there next.

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