fab friday.
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ah, finally fab friday…took long enough, didn’t it? today i’m gathering up some sweet things on my own “it list”. there’s some changes being made around the old homestead. i’m a tad bored of this decor already and am in need of some pops of color — like these sweet little vases from pigeon toe ceramics. and there’s a few other things i’ve had my eye on, so here you go!

big, no huge, on my list is a dwarf citrus tree. i’ve been hankering for a kumquat or orange tree; i love this retro-inspired rattan lounge chair from urban outfitters; i’ve been gathering up cute vintage tins of late (great for stashing not-so-pretty dog treats!) and i like this one from soviet vintage; love these xoxo black metal hanging letters from lack luster co.; i’d be thrilled to have this balloons print by youngna park, from 20×200; and i wish duane dalton would make this into a poster, ‘cuz i’d swoop it up and hang it for sure; i wouldn’t mind having fine little day’s up cutting board; and i find this runner from abc carpet & home so very pretty!

i’m really drawn to this look of open shelving for my living room via skona hem, and i think the paxton well shelves from west elm could do the trick; and this set of leather bound books, the Anthology Of The World’s Best Poems from dovie moon would look nice staked up there with these bird and lattice bookends; and the leather butterfly chair from urban outfitters would perfectly complete the look!

i saw this loosely slipcovered sofa at merci in paris, and i can’t get it out of my mind…this one at z gallerie is a close second. i’ll dress it up with some cushions like this suzani pillow from material recovery; and perhaps this one from sukan.

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  1. LOVE Pigeon Toe! And thank you for introducing me to Duane Dalton. Now, how can we get him to make his work into posters!

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