sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


this sunday in the city, lucy and i took a walk to dolores park in the mission, and then on over to valencia to 16th and up guerrero…a nice walk, full of picturesque finds, and some of my favorite haunts*. i had my new camera in hand, as promised, and such a great time snapping away. here’s what we saw.


*haunts: dolores park, bi-rite market, bi-rite ice creamery, claudia kussano, dolores park cafe, tartine, belljar, cassanova lounge, clarion ally and 18 reasons.

• all photos © sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Oh this just makes me SO excited–I’m off to San Francisco this afternoon to find an apartment! (Moving in September and I swear, your Sunday in the City posts convince me again and again that I’m doing the right thing!)


  2. thanks you guys – it was a lovely sunday in the city!

    laura marie – ah – it’s the best! you’ll love living here. welcome! (almost!). ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love living close to the city. I am thinking of purchasing a camera and am wondering what kind of camera did you get?

  4. I’m visiting my second home (sf) on Thursday and you’ve managed to photograph a few of my favorite places! Great shots & thanks for making me even more excited for the weekend! XO!

  5. thanks, everyone. it was a good day of picture taking!

    karen – i got a Nikon D90 – i had all the lens (these were taken with a 50mm), so i just bought the body.

  6. I can never get enough of your Sundays in the City….have been a Canon girl for years, but your images are making me consider going Nikon!!!

  7. As I write this post I am enjoying a delicious Buratta and glass of red vino at Vicolettos in San Fran. Just wanted to say a quick thanks. I live in Atlanta and used your shopping guides to lighten my wallet and increase my luggage home. Thanks for some amazing suggestions and inspiration of the city

  8. Your lovely photos remind me that sometimes I try to get too much in my pictures. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes the details are just enough. I think this is especially true if you’re working in difficult lighting. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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