desperately seeking inspiration.
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so, y’all may think i’m crazy, because i moved into my new place about a year ago, decorated the whole dang thing, and guess what? i’m so bored of it already. but, who am i kidding? that’s pretty much the norm for me. i try new things, and i tire of them. i liked the black chalkboard painted walls, and i still do in some rooms, but i feel a need to lighten up. so, i’m looking around for inspiration, and i always find some good looks over on alvhem mäkleri. they’re a Sweden-based real estate brokerage, and they do a lot of styling of the spaces they’ve got on the market, so it’s a good go-to spot for fresh ideas. here’s some looks i like.

i quite like the way alvhem mäkleri has designed these entryways. sleek, and modern, but with vintage-inspired accents — love that wallpaper up top! i have so much vintage, that i can’t afford to cast it aside and start new, so i like the idea of re-purposing my possessions and giving them new life — like the ornate gilded gold mirror juxtaposed with a zig-zag area rug. unexpected, and fun!

again with the citrus trees — i simply must have one! and i’ve been dying for a couple of Moroccan poufs for a long time, too. rearranging my art is high on the to-do list, too — all the sweet kinds of decor changes and additions you can make, without cashing out the savings account.

i like these bold splashes of bright colors, too — like pink and orange throws, pillows and area rugs to warm up all that Scandinavian white.

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  1. joani – no, i wish! it’s kind of like ‘paint by numbers’, isn’t it? i love it! i guess i could write to the alvhem mäkleri folks and ask!

  2. The styling are indeed very inspirational. I love how casual the rooms look yet still so put together. These pictures also make having an all white interior very desirable! Can’t wait to see what inspirations you pick up from here that you will incorporate into your own home. :)

  3. i am in LOVE with swedish design. someday i will own a house with white walls, white floors and white furniture!!!! thanks for this great post.

  4. I pretty much want to live in every one of those spaces. When I grow up, I’d like to own several houses, in several wonderful locations and have each of them decorated in a completely different style! Wouldn’t that be great?

  5. I know the feeling– I am just over a year into our apartment, love the way it looks, but I would jump at the chance to move again because I miss decorating the place! It’s the design gene in us!

  6. That fireplace is stunning. I love all the white. I wouldn’t mind a room where I could hang a few of my clothes like that thank-you very much!

  7. I’m changing from darkish taupe to crisp grey, it’s one step closer to white, but I’m not quite there yet. I love the inspiration here, big windows, lots of light no drapes, hmm. My aunt visited Sweden once and said they go for walks in the evenings and see what their neighbors are doing, in a non-creepy way.

  8. All so beautiful but I can’t take my eyes off that wallpaper. It reminds me of an old hat made from barkcloth with almost the exact same trees!

  9. I wish we could ‘stage’ homes like that here! We’re so behind regarding design! Love the pics and thanks for the inspiration. We’re looking for a wine country spot that will need A LOT of renovation and this gives us lots and lots of ideas!

  10. God, I know what you mean. I just bought a new sofa earlier this year and now I hate it. I went with a safe (boring!) neutral and now I wish I would have gone with something bright and fun. Plus, it’s not that comfortable. That’s what I get for…dare I admit it?…ordering a sofa online. Oh well, lesson learned.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that orange zig-zag rug!

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