separated at birth.
by victoria comment


woody allen and maria antonieta.

alrighty, let’s give the men a little equal opportunity here today, shall we? i’ve been sadly remiss in my separated at birth posts including men in the mix. it’s a bit of a challenge when you think about it…these dudes wear a lot of suits, and it’s not always that easy to match that up with interesting room decor…can you say ‘boring’? but one of my favorite sites, nerd boyfriend has a bevvy of fascinating men, so i’m teaming up with their images today. let’s hear it for the boys.

bryan ferry and lonny.

michael caine and apartment therapy.

john lennon and design*sponge.

domino and colin firth.

design*sponge and dustin hoffman.

lonny and mick jagger.

45 responses to “separated at birth.”

  1. Miss Victoria! Your separated at birth series are the best thing on the internet! I am so, so, so impressed by your collections!! This one is a stunner.

  2. Let’s hear it for the boys! Beautiful, imaginative matchmaking once again. Ooooh, that sultry Brian Ferry…

  3. Victoria – I don’t know how you do your magic time after time and this offering is no exception! Your choice of men is fabulous – Dustin, Colin, Bryan…

  4. Great choice of MEN! Can’t tell if Dustin is standing or sitting but since most of your choices are sitting, (except for Bryan Ferry- standing pretty, and Woody Allen- standing silly) I say I choose to picture them all this age forever!

  5. You have such an incredible eye – from the “bed,” to the rumples to the colors, the Colin Firth separation is oodles of goodness.

    Yes, they’re all great – but my love of Colin Firth may be greater:)

  6. Aaaaah, I love this! All the pairings make such sense! And any post that features both Bryan Ferry and Mick Jagger has to be a winner.

    Loooove your blog — everything is beautiful here. x

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