new day, new look.
by victoria comment


well, i was at it again this weekend…rearranging the furniture in just about every room! i get so tragically bored, and really wasn’t feeling it around here for a while, so i started moving one thing, and one thing lead to another. i had swapped the living room with the dining room awhile ago, and then swapped back (call me crazy) and now — i’ve swapped ’em once again. still debating on painting the chalkboard black and lightening up the living room, but now that i’ve changed things up, it’s feeling kinda cozy. what do you think? love it or hate it?

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  1. i love it! i adore that you dared to paint the walls with chalkboard paint. the room is still light and so comfy and cozy. thumbs up!!!

  2. Looks very cozy, I wish I was brave enough to do such a dramatic colour. Next month I’m going from medium taupe, to a lovely shade of grey. Maybe my small bathroom could be dark with the white fixtures and tile… What did you do with the old living room?

  3. i love it! i’m contemplating having dark chalkboard walls in my new apt…or at least one in the kitchen :) you make it look great!

  4. Ummm… TRADESIES?? I love it. I feel like getting loads of fresh flowers makes me re-love a space once I’m bored with it.

  5. KEEP IT. This is my dream living room—these photos are really making me want to paint ALL of the walls in my living room black (we only did one) so we can truly be LR twins.

  6. the walls have been chalkboard black for a while now – it’s just a question of whether i keep them, or go fresh white, or maybe a pale blue/gray?

    harrison – my friend just gave me the margaret kilagren print, as she was changing up her decor. i don’t have amy barry mcgee…yet. :)

    i was propping the margaret kilagren print up against the wall, to try it and it came crashing down, and i broke the glass and frame – so it needs new framing!

  7. I love the coziness of it. The black is soft, and white trim brightens and balances. A pale grey-blue would also look nice, but there is something really striking and sophisticated about the black. I feel like a paler color would make the objects in the room look lost- against the black, they really pop.
    Just my thoughts. :) xox,ch

  8. I think it looks great and I’m really digging the pops of pink throughout! Very cozy AND sophisticated.

  9. So stylish!!! You are productive. You never are one to rest and be content. I love that about you. Always ready to dive into the next adventure, the next phase, or just change things up. I’m one of those girls that is afraid to even begin because what if I make a mistake. I could take a page or 10 out of YOUR book.
    Love it!
    – Carrie

  10. Beautiful! I’m buying a house with my boyfriend at the moment – I can’t wait to start decorating! The problem is I keep changing my mind on how I want it :) Thanks for the inspiration! The colours are lovely xoxo Bonnie

  11. First of all, that paint is delicious and is such an amazing contrast to all your white furniture. Can I say, I don’t know how you decorate that big room (the one that is now your dining room). It’s just really huge and I have no idea how I’d make use of all that space. I love seeing what you do with it- more pictures please please please!

  12. thanks you guys – i’m in love with pink right now, too!

    anna – it’s a challenge – trust me! there’s a big empty wall i need to fill…more to come!

  13. I love the new walls!!! looks beautiful and cozy. what color white do you use for your walls and on your fireplace & moldings?

  14. The result is beautiful, cozy and sophisticated at the same time. I must confess that I’m lusting after a couple of your chairs… tee hee! ;)

  15. I’m totally inspired to rip apart my house and rearrange. Not a good time since guests are coming and I just need to get sheets on the bed. Bookmarking this page for an August redesign project.

  16. julie – the walls are rust oleum’s chalkboard black, but, i’m not sure about the white on the mantel – it’s a semi gloss for sure. i bought the mantel at omega salvage in berkeley and brought it here from my old house – so i painted it a long time ago.

    indeed, katherine – cocktails are to be had here! shaken, not stirred. :)

  17. i love it as is! and am glad you do, too …. for the time being, anyway. :)

    i agree with what someone, above, said – that the darker wall color really shows your fabulous white furnishings to best advantage. i can’t do that where i live (rental) so will be content – until i move – to do some rearranging of my own, make some more new pillows and live vicariously through your re-painting. whenever that is.

    thanks for sharing. :)

  18. ps: would you mind sharing the source on that great rug?!!? i have been looking for something similiar (hopefully in a flat-weave and that looks like what you have). thanks again!

  19. kathy – thanks so much! the rug is a flea market find – as are most rugs i have. it’s a bit threadbare, but i like to pretend that adds to the character. i’m not sure of its origin – maybe moroccan? it was super cheap, though!

  20. the black is kinda fun, and not as dark as you might think…i still want to write on it one of these days!

    the wine rack is just like $2.00 from ikea – i didn’t know what to put in the faux fireplace mantel – so i put the wine rack there. :)

  21. Love your decor Victoria, though I vote for going lighter – maybe your pale blue/gray (as you mentioned above), or pale lilac/gray. Whatever you decide on will look fabulous and cozy, I’m sure of it

  22. Love it Victoria!! Especially the furry throw, rocker and pillow together. My favorite is how the white pops against the dark gray walls.

  23. i think it looks great! i especially love the mantel area…all the white and the wine rack- so cool. you did a wonderful job. wish i had the energy to do the same…you may have just inspired me to do some rearranging this weekend. thanks!

  24. This is why I love coming to your blog everyday, there is always something new and so cute and hip and stylish. Is your floor lamp vintage? Love it and thanks for inspiring all of us!!!

  25. you guys are too kind…now i feel like i’ve done the right thing – for now! ;)

    debra – yes, it’s a vintage lamp. i traded a neighbor for it many years ago.

  26. HOLY MOLY!!! i looooooovvvvvvee the redo. love the gray walls, love the SF shout out, love the suzani, the mushrooms… ahhh! seriously victoria, amazing. loveloveloveee! what a joy that space must be to live in!

  27. This is great – our guest room is painted a very similar color and I’ve been stuck on the accent colors/pieces. Love everything here!

  28. I got a little confused, I thought I was looking at Door Sixteen for a minute. Is your style influenced by her style? Her style is totally fab. I love the color of these walls. I think you need a little more pink. Maybe some pink pillows?

    I totally understand moving things around. I get bored too. Did you say you swapped the living and dining room? Can we see some pics of your new dining room, pretty please?

  29. i’m just so glad somebody out there is like me…always tinkering, always changing things around. the chalkboard walls are amazing. would you ever paint furniture with chalkboard paint? i have a couple of curly, curvy sort of frenchy brown wood end tables from the 1950’s. the lines are great. the wood color not so much.

  30. Victoria, I loved the old look, but I love the new look too. The grey paint looks amazing against all that white! Loving the contrast. I have a splash of chalkboard red in my kitchen and chalkboard black in my office. I use all of it. And I plan to probably do it again in the living room next month.

    Thanks for sharing your love of interior design!

  31. Too bad about the framing of the margaret kilagren print…but at least the print is in good shape. Where are you going to look for barry mcgee work? his stuff is awesome!

  32. Aw it looks amazing Victoria! Love all the details….and I love that you mix it up so regularly. I need to learn from that.

    YAY for margaret kilgallen. We actually managed to get our hands on a really large print she did at Paulson Press and it’s one of my most prized possessions.

  33. Love this! I saw that mountain print above your black dresser floating around on the web… i found the source but can’t seem to locate it again! where did you get yours?

  34. I was away for the weekend, and just getting caught up with my favorite blogs. I have to say I love it. So many pretty, cozy spaces to curl up with a cuppa and a book or a friend. I adore your color palate and your sense of space. I am always moving stuff around my place too, so I won’t judge you on that!

  35. Love that you “colored outside the lines” and swapped the rooms to your needs! I personally like the black chalkboard, but if you’re leaning towards “lightening up” a good compromise would be to do a different color “chalkboard”. There’s a DIY chalkboard paint recipe floating around pinterest that sounds like it would work with any paint color you would choose. So fun!

  36. This is the first time I have commented on your blog and wanted to let you know I think you are such a fabulous, talented lady. We would most def be friends if we lived in the same city – or at least one could only hope! ;) I absolutely love how much of a rearrangin’ fool you are – as am I. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics, I actually love the richness of the walls and the contrast of the white fireplace. Touche! Thanks for having such a wonderful blog. – Jessica

  37. The work is so nice and modern. Would you please tell us how you did the wine holders? I have been searching for a way to do this on an old cabinet in my dining room, and this is perfect.

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