vintage finds for a modern world: dining room finds.
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so, now that i’ve gone and swapped all the rooms around, i find myself staring into an abyss of this giant blank wall in my dining room. it’s a large room, so i’ve gotten the notion that a little sitting area in the dining room might be nice. you know, when everyone’s too full to move, but doesn’t want to leave the party? they can collapse on a little settee and still join in the conversation. they may have to fight over it, because this one’s not large, but hey, we’re all friends, just squish!

i wanted something that wasn’t too big, and not too much like my other sofa, so i opted for this charcoal gray daydreamer settee from urban outfitters. i think because it’s almost more decorative, and not used everyday, it will work just fine, and was within my budget. plus, i’m gonna jazz it up with a few of these ideas.

i like the idea of hanging my chalkboard above it, to add some vintage, not-too-fancy contrast, and it’s a great spot to post my dinner party menus; i’ve also loved the idea of a plate collection, like this one i saw in lonny. the bar cart is quite a nice idea, too! and, that all still works within the context of a dining room. i really like this zigzag area rug from urban outfitters, too, but its discontinued, so i’m hoping it makes a comeback, or i find it elsewhere. any ideas? oh! nevermind – lookie here, jordan found one!

these are a few great plates to begin collecting for my wall display — clockwise from left to right: Antique Dunn Bennett & Co Beehive from bloomdar; Guinness Bicentenary 1759-1959 commemorative bowl from moderately modern; vintage pink & gray plate from daisy farm antiques; pink porcelain plate from forest daydream; yellow & white plaid Vintage Edwin Knowles Platter from blurred visionary; Vintage West German Bavarian Souvenir Plate from spanish moss; of course, a souvenir san francisco tray from planet trout; and center, a Midwinter Stylecraft Harmony Plate from wave song.

i quite like the idea of this vintage industrial clip lamp, attached to the chalkboard as a kind of spotlight. hmmm…and, naturally, i’m also going to need some end tables, especially with an armless settee, and i like this matching black & gold pair from tini vintage.

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  1. wow, love your ideas!! i am envious that your rooms are big enough to swap around! my house is so little that the furniture basically has ONE place it can go. someday we’ll be able to upgrade – can’t wait!! also, can’t wait to see your final dining room!

  2. Ooh yeah, a bit opposite in the furniture, dark. I like it and a classy bar cart would be a must. The bigger room would have space to lounge with a cocktail.

  3. The settee is adorable and I LOVE your idea of putting it in the dining room. I have a big family, and when we all get together we end up hanging out in the dining room for hours after meals! WOuld love to see pictures when you’re all finished!

  4. Love that sofa – what a lovely idea! I wish we could get it their furniture over in England – I’m very cross at urban outfitters for that!! x

  5. I’ve got a bit of a plate collection going on, but managed to break my favourite one while trying to dust. Lesson learned. I will not dust ever again. ;)
    The rug from Urban Outfitters is fantastic. The U.O. here, doesn’t carry home stuff unfortunately. Grrr.

  6. I love this post. I actually have a picture in my mind of how it’s going to look. It’s going to be gorgeous. Can you use a couple of little vintage orange plates with cherry blossoms on them? I’m moving and getting rid of stuff. I’ll send you a picture.

  7. will, i know. i think i NEED it. :)

    thanks for all the rug suggestions, guys! this is very helpful.

    peggy – sure! send me a photo and if i can use them, i’ll buy them from you! thanks.

  8. Love the look. I really love the settee- I was wondering how it held up? Are the cushions comfy? Do they fall off without the arms? I want to get it but I feel like it might be a perplexing piece of furniture to own?!

    • it’s actually really comfy! most people that sit on it say so. it’s really more of decorative sofa, not for reclining or reading, but great for dinner parties etc.

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