“it list” monique germon.
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today’s stunning “it list” comes from australian writer | artist | designer | creative director monique germon, of story, a uniquely beautiful store. yes, she wears a lot of hats, and all of them quite well. she is, well…just super talented. so i’m excited to have her share her “it list” with us today, but man am i in trouble because i’ve not heard of many of these shops and off i go exploring! for more beauty from monique, visit her website, or drop by story…you will be rather grateful you did.

“at present my career seems to be undergoing a rather swift expansion so as well as STORY, i am delighted to have officially launched a creative direction & consulting business as well as my other work. it’s a total joy to help others with their creative projects & it’s made me realise the importance of creatives accessing their very own muse.

my ‘it list’ is a mixture of inspired moments, must do & haves. like any good woman going anywhere in life, good shoes are paramount. vivienne westwood is a woman unto herself and her label ‘sounds its barbaric yawp’ like no other. her pirate murray shoe capri speak for themselves – self-contained and charming but there’s an intellect in the design that i really appreciate.

makr make the best carry wares around. their farm ruck sack is that perfect combo of school girl sensibility & planting potatoes. sort of coal is my kind of company with their chikutan sticks and marketing like the beauty of the vanilla bean meets the smell of a good man wearing your favourite scent. delicious.”

“ok confession; i am indeed planning a trip to the usa very soon. i did an interview recently and was asked what was my dream holiday. the answer just blurted out: ‘straight to new york city to work on a woody allen feature and see him play clarinet at the carlyle – then a road trip across the country starting with a long stint in transcendentalist territory – especially walden pond & the nearing’s old place. then, after all the amish aesthetic I can ingest and an artist’s residency at mildred’s lane, its through kansas (via wichita thanks to a favourite classic) and over to monroeville, alabama – where harper lee invites me over and we discuss to kill a mockingbird on her porch till the cows come home and/or my heart explodes with joy. Now remember i said dream holiday- we all know how private ms lee is.””arts & science is one of best stores on the planet & everything they stock is plain old beautiful, like these astier de villatte tea & chocolate cups from their basic collection. i would also love a subscription to treadlie, the australian bike magazine – this is definitely one of the best mag covers i’ve seen in a while.”

“a big must have is ‘take it from dorothy’ – cross stitch piece from the darling of craft design ms tamara maynes plus this gorgeous old indigo dyed linen from beyond france & ribbon from my favourite store and very own real life magic faraway tree – peppergreen antiques.”

“another love on the list is pierre le hors’ beautiful book firework studies, anything to do with the magic faraway tree i always want & my favorite, favorite favorite piece from tasmanian artist barbie kjar hoop girl which i would love to have hanging on my wall by the end of this year.”

thanks for having me over. all the way from country australia – monique germon xx

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  1. The Magic Faraway Tree and The Adventures of the Wishing Chair were my two favourite books as a child, so it won’t come as a big surprise to learn that I never tire of visiting Story, which I discovered earlier this year. I find something new and inspiring every time I hop over there and shall enjoy exploring Monique’s links, I’m sure.
    The hoop girl is beautiful.

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