fab friday.
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the other day when i posted my new living room set up, i got a whole mess of inquiries about the ‘mountain poster’ (above) which is actually called up. so, it would appear to be high time i re-introduced you to the work of artist elisabeth dunker, if you have not already seen her collection. i’ve long been a huge fan of fine little day, elisabeth’s blog, and shop, where you can find the up print, as well as her textile designs, wallpaper, books, kitchen accessories and posters. she’s even got a great little viewing gallery of her work in her customers’ homes – a nice touch! here’s a look at what’s new at fine little day.

• all images via fine little day; except white chair image via mokkasin (via poppytalk).

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  1. Really fun. I love all this stuff that is reminiscent of the past. The wallpaper! Going to check out her site!

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