absolute beginner.
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okay, so i am just an absolute beginner, and i don’t want to embarrass my awesome blogshop teachers bri emery and angela kohler too much, but i learned so freakin’ much at weekend’s workshop, i can hardly stand it. i just want to keep making blog posts all night & day – it was that much fun. i have been flying by the seat of my pants in photoshop – never before taken a class, and to finally know what i’m doing, is just so satisfying. i made these post layouts in blogshop class, and while nothing too crazy — i’ve never even worked in photoshop layers before this — let alone opened them up! we learned masking, layering, barreling, and then some serious retouching techniques, not to mentioned animated gifs (things could get fancy around here)!

blogshop was awesome and inspiring, and i can’t recommend it more highly. really – we had a blast, barely wanted to stop for the delicious lunch, and met some wonderfully talented classmates at teahouse studio, where the worskshop was held. blogshop is traveling the world – so if you want one in your city, let them know! i think they are working on blogshops in paris and berlin. i suggested london, baby! how does that sound?

• photo credits, top to bottom: hilda grahnat, beach chair from gallant & jones, and lucy snowe photography; elle decor, is photography, sfgirlbybay. lonny and decoratualma.

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  1. Oh, I am just even more excited now. I am going to blogshop in Chicago in a couple of weeks and am really looking forward to it. I love what you created.

  2. I’m all signed up for Blogshop in NY for September and I cannot wait! I really need to learn some stuff. Badly. You’re doing a great job, Victoria!

  3. I’m so inspired. I always use Photoshop with a pit in my stomach and sweaty hands, because I don’t know what I am doing. This looks like the answer to my Photoshop-stress-related syndrome.

  4. moira – exactly how i always felt. now i just feel so much more inspired and confident. it’s a new world! :)

    kelly – so nice to meet you, too! and your blog is beautiful. and you’re already implemented all that you learned. wow!

  5. photoshop is such an amazing tool! what blogshop does is so great and helps so many people. i’ve been a designer for many years now so i know a thing or two about photoshop and i just had to say that i would have never know you were a beginner ;) even if your photos never had text or layers on them before your blog is great! i especially love the separated at birth posts… so clever! cheers to getting fancy in the future, though, have fun!

  6. Oh my god thank you so much for this and sharing youre secrets. Im a fan of you and now I salute you, thank you thank you. Marvelous, awesome, im so exicited for this.

  7. Victoria, these are GORGEOUS!! Great job, I’m impressed. Do you know of other blog workshops here in SF? I recently started a new blog and I’d LOVE to learn more blogging skills.


  8. love love love! It’s my absolute dream to do a blogshop course. i’m waiting for the girls to come back to australia…..fingers crossed!!!

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