tuesday’s girl: the beehive.
by victoria comment


william eggleston.

ain’t nothing quite as cool as a good beehive. they’ve been around for decades, but still sexy cool, right? add a little black eyeliner, perhaps an Aline dress and some stilettos, and you are sooo very good to go. i think it was amy that inspired this post idea for tuesday’s girl. inspiration comes in many forms, and her music inspired me endlessly. i will miss her, as i’m sure many of you will, too. let’s hear it for the beehive.

love these stylin’ girls from marais usa; and infamous Veruschka models a beehive for harold levine.

uptight and worn chic, via style.com, or even a messy beehive is a good thing — always classic on brigitte bardot; and the invincible audrey hepburn checks her look.

glamorous diana ross always wore it right; a bit more brigitte bardot who had the beehive down; and my inspiration today, amy winehouse — thank you, amy.

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  1. Thank-You so much for this post. I didn’t know I was going to be so shaken by Amy Winehouses’ passing, but I was. I was really bummed all last week. She did the beehive well. Her music and incredible talent from the moment I first heard her voice- just brought me back to the day’s when I was prepubescent; listening to the sounds of Motown on 45’s that belonged to my bff’s older sister. For hours we would sit near the record player on the floor and listen, listen, listen. (I grew up in a Victorian on Union St. 1967. Amy brought those memories of those great day’s to the fore for me, hence a piece of my sadness was nostalgic as well when she passed. RIP AMY..

  2. cathy jean – i know what you mean. i was really affected as well, i think many people were caught off guard by their feelings. you just hoped she’d find her way back, and felt a little helpless that we couldn’t do more for her.

    chelsea – i have not seen that tutorial, but i will look now!

  3. & the BeeHive is so versatile! memories of our lovely~always styled neighbor~ rockin’ her hair high even while working in the garden…maybe a true bee hive ;)

  4. I just need to say this and I’ve chosen you because I love your blog and read it all of the time. I’ve been wanting to say this for awhile now because people are all saying the same thing and I don’t agree with them. It’s about the ‘beehive’ ~ in 1959 my mom became a hairdresser. She is a brunette but became blonde and checkerboard (pincurls dyed willy nilly) and redhead orange. She had the hairdos too. I was 9 years old. I remember well. The names of the dos (from top to bottom in your post are french roll, bubbles and pouf. There are no beehives there. All of course are backcombed to within an inch of their lives. A beehive is formed thus. (My mom gave me one at age 9 and I though I’d died and gone to heaven!) You take a rat tail comb so as to make your hair ratty or a rats’ nest [backcombed to death] and be able to ‘pick’ out separate pieces of the rats nest with the tail of the comb (also essential for forming bubbles). You start at the crown and put your fingers straight down to the scalp and begin forming the bees nest round and round with the backcombed hair and you keep your fingers in because you want the whole middle to be empty. When all the hair is done (you’ve been pinning the hair as you’ve formed the nest) you carefully pull out your fingers and you have an empty hole in the middle of a perfect beehive. You hairspray it to within an inch of its life. To make bubbles you grab a section that is backcombed and take the tail of the comb and the fingers of your other hand and just go round and round close to the scalp and then position it where you want it and put pins in to hold the bubble in place, then move on to the next section. My grad (1969) pic. has me wearing ‘bubbles’ even though they were originally in style much earlier in the 60s. Everything else except a french roll (speaks for itself) is a pouf. There’s zillions of variation of the pouf. Okay I got that off my chest. Thanks for your blog, love it, *smiles* Norma

  5. The Brigitte photo is too fabulous, I’ve never seen that one and I love it.

    I’ve missed visiting your blog and blogging in general! Moving from the Bay Area to Portland has been great, but overly time consuming getting prepared, moving and settling.

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