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a summer blog tour inspired by artist Lisa Congdon’s a collection a day was launched this month, and it’s my honor to take my turn on the tour! lisa’s beautiful book, housed in a cute collector’s tin, was designed and produced by Janine Vangool, the brains and indie publisher of UPPERCASE magazine. It features 365 of Lisa’s eclectic collections, some real, some imagined. uppercase has offered me up two A Collection a Day books to give away to sfgirlbybay readers…so, now’s your chance to share your own collections for a chance to win.

for a chance to win one of two collection a day tins & books, simply share with us in the comment section what you collect, or what you might keep in your tin should you win. if you’d like to link to a flickr photo, a twitpic, or a photo on your blog, all the better – we’d love to see your collections! we’ll choose two winners at random by tuesday, august 16th and announce it on twitter. be sure to include your twitter handle, email or a way to find you in your comment…remember, you can’t win, if we can’t find you! and, me? a big surprise — i collect cameras.

and, if you just can’t wait, you can purchase a copy of a collection a day over at uppercase, and Readers can enter the discount code “iheartthings” for $5 off the purchase price.

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73 responses to “a collection a day blog tour & giveaway.”

  1. I collect milk glass.. and rusty bits like bottle caps, washers, wads of wire and tin can lids. I collect feathers, pretty shells, and seeds from the neighborhood flowers.I collect ideas and I collect cool songs. Lisa’s book is an inspiration for how to put it all together!!

  2. I collect buttons. My grandmother was a seamstress and I loved to dig through her stash of old buttons when I was a kid! I have a lot that were hers but I just can’t resist when I find them at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. And tins are perfect for storing buttons!

  3. I collect feathers, those spike-y seed-pod balls that fall from the trees in my neighborhood, moss in glass jars, shells I find while wandering the beach, pebbles, dried cat-tail grass, really, anything earthy with colors and textures I find while exploring outside.

  4. This is a subject close to my heart. I collect so many things it borderlines cra8y.
    I was inspired by Lisa’s simple and beautiful collections, so I started photographing some of mine. My favorite collections include Rosaries,horn handled utensils, white standard poodle statues, silver trays,china plates,vintage amateur oil paintings,on and on.Here is a link to some of my rosaries.
    Shay~Designer Junk Finder

  5. What don’t I collect?! At least that’s what my husband thinks. Cameras, milk glass, Small domed cake pedestals, books, photographs, vintage maps, ticket stubs, the letter “S”, vintage tiaras, and sincerely the list goes on….

  6. I’m going to have to say my biggest collection right now are milk glass and tiny boxes! But I am kidding myself. I collect clothes. xoxo
    Oh, and my twitter handle is @bucketsnbunches

  7. I collect old board games, nesting dolls, and different editions of same books! And Pyrex, can’t forget the Pyrex. @glasscastle

  8. Be it pinning, bookmarking, tearing from a mag, saving as an online favorite, or madly scribbling it down, I’m constantly collecting recipes in one way or another.

  9. Oh man… I am a collector at heart! Love groupings and variations of most things! I collect art, religious memorabilia, movie/concert tickets, old books, linens… my husband would def complain about the issue of storing my beauties! @Drawn__Together

  10. I collect two things, both of which I have been collecting since elementary and/or high school. It is compulsive and I cannot stop. After collecting for so long, how does one just give it up? The first is PEZ dispensers. Hopefully one day I will be able to just sell off my collection on eBay. The other: bottle caps. I came up with the idea when I was like 14 to cover a basement bar with bottle caps and shellac them. (I am from Wisconsin, where I grew up with everyone having bars in their basement.) However, my pre-1900 house has a nasty basement, meaning no bar. Yet I still keep my caps.. Just in case..

  11. I collect cabinet cards, which are photographic images on a cardboard mount. They were often displayed on a drawing room cabinet, hence the name cabinet card. I’ve limited my collection to outdoor, landscape or animal photographs. So many of the cabinet cards are portraits and it gets kind of boring looking at those. I’m fascinated and curious about the stories behind some of the cards I’ve collected. The link will take you to my Etsy shop and a few of my favorites.


  12. I inherited a bunch of milk glass from both grandmothers & Frankoma pottery from one grandmother, so I’ve added to both collections over the years. I love using vintage dishware for every day use!

    My favorite collection is my growing artwork collection. I would trade all the dishes for more art! I would probably use the tin to store charcoal or pastel sticks– they’re so messy, tins work the best for easy access & keeping the dust contained.

    Find me on twitter, @artsyforager

  13. I’ve collected hankies since my Aunt started sending them to me enclosed in birthday cards when I was young. I’ve probably got a couple hundred by now. Easy to store, harder to display. @lje2me

  14. I loved following Lisa’s documentation of her collections! I collect, among many other things, vintage photographs, art books, and odd bits of nature like leaf skeletons. I just found what I think is a dragonfly wing. A collection of dragonfly wings would be lovely in that tin! @elizabethbauman

  15. I collect (hoard) donkey stuff, bowls, salt & peppers, trolls, pee wee stuff, mexican stuff, cactus stuff, milagros, circus stuff, various kitsch stuff, pink stuff, aqua stuff, red stuff, old blankets, quilts, serapes, cowboy stuff, bar ware and anything else that I fall in love with. And, truth be told, like Chelsea, I collect lots and lots of clothes!!!!! And now I have 4 cats too.

  16. I have a bunch of little collections but perhaps my biggest is my magazine collection. i also collect magnets from my travels. and as an aspiring food photographer my newest thing is collecting kitchenalia (the older, the better) and props :)

  17. I collect old maps. If they are too destroyed or ripped, I’ll cut out pieces to make cards or wrap a present. If they are nice, maybe I will hang them up. I love old ones in particular.

  18. Fake body parts made by me! I’m a sculptor and most of my work is figurative so I have pill containers with eyeballs, teeth, cut off hands, etc. When I was doing ceramics I used to keep the parts in plastic bags that my classmates referred to as my body bags. :-D Twitter: @izumim

  19. i too collect many different things: antique lace and doilies; moss & lichen, antlers, skulls, leaves, feathers (basically anything my partner and i find on our outdoor adventures for our on-going natural history collection. here is a peek at what my moss/lichen collection looks like in the process of collecting it: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Hh2fIlqPhKk/Tctbbsp48uI/AAAAAAAAAMI/5QHwQJhVI0s/s1600/baron+river+-+moss+and+lichen+collection.jpg); original art (of all kinds); lone vintage and antique plates that i use to make plate clocks (see: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78246096/retro-bacchus-vintage-plate-clock); vintage and other unique finds for art and jewellery supplies; pretty paper; wool; frames; anatomical prints; maps; antique japanese scrolls; exhibition catalogues; the list goes on….

    i don’t collect any one thing obsessively. rather, i collect whatever inspires or moves me, which is constantly fluctuating. sometimes i rediscover old and abandoned collections and resume collecting, while at other times i will let a collection be as it is. i love how collections take on a life of their own….

    thanks for the lovely giveaway! i adore lisa’s project and the impetus behind it.


  20. Fun, I love collections! Among the many things I hoard, my favorite would have to be my Beatles t-shirt collection. I also have stacks and stacks of old National Geographic magazines.

  21. ohhh i’ve been pining after this book for a while – what a great giveaway! i have been collecting postcards since I was a little girl. i have all kinds, places i’ve been, places friends have been, even a beautiful selection of antique ones. the best is when you find an old postcard in an antique shop and there’s a love note on the back!
    don’t have a twitter yet but i can be reached at kait.prettythings(at)gmail(dot)com
    xx, kait

  22. I collect boxes. Yes, I love boxes to put in boxes inside more boxes. I especially love carved wood ones and vintage tins too. I also collect vintage 35mm slides.

  23. I have quite a few little collections but the one I love the most is my collection of hand figurines. From glove molds to wooden models used for sketching. I love them all!

  24. I collect lions. They have to be a bit unusual or whimsical or have special meaning. I have a tiny, felt knitted one, someone crocheted me a little guy (so cute), a lion door knocker, artsy lion drawing, etc.

  25. I collect snow globes, and oddly enough, wildly patterned socks (which a lot of people think is weird – but nothing beats neon green seahorse socks, okay?) ;)

  26. I collect milk glass, vintage glassware and pigs! The pigs have to be unique and none of them are really pink. I don’t really tell people about the pigs anymore because everyone started sending me all of these funky pink pigs and I didn’t want to turn into the crazy pig lady.

  27. I love reading about everyone’s collections! I collect vintage linens (with a particular love of the 1940s), vintage postcards (especially foreign ones from before 1910), and small green pieces of pottery – vases and pots and such. p.s. Thanks for the post on Collected Magazine, Victoria! <3

  28. I collect wish bones. Everytime my husband roasts a chicken, he saves the wishbone for me. One day, I’m going to invite a bunch of friends over and we’ll all take turns pulling the wish bones and hoping our wishes come true! jecbug@gmail.com

  29. I collect books. I will never be persuaded to get a Kindle because I love having a big bookshelf overflowing with books.

  30. I collect postcards, weathered and brand new alike. I’m a sucker for old post cards that were actually sent at one point!

  31. LOVE Lisa’s new book (and everything by UPPERCASE). I collect most anything from the 1920’s, but I seem to have a special fondness for smoking flappers! I know smoking is so wrong (and I don’t even smoke), but there is just something about a “liberated” vampy bad girl that just appeals!
    A small portion of my collection can be viewed here: http://melissabelanger.blogspot.com/2011/08/collections.html
    Thanks so much!!

  32. Funny — when I started thinking about how to answer this question, I realized that I seemingly collect…everything. Corks, interesting bottle caps, wooden thread spools, fabric, old glass-lid canning jars, buttons, old maps, old bar ware, postcards…and more. Yikes, I’m going to outgrow my house soon! Needless to say, I’d love to win a copy of Lisa’s book — love her work in general, but this book especially appeals to me.

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