the stylists: jarlath mellett.
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have you heard of jarlath mellett? well, here we go again, because i’ve discovered another inspiring spot which was not on my radar, until now. fashion and interior designer Jarlath Mellett founded jarlath mellett, a design studio based in Manhattan, as well as a boutique shop in the Hamptons (online, as well), utilizing materials that create fresh, modern interiors that are uniquely tailored to each of their clients. that’s it, besides having a pied-a-terre in paris, i’m putting a home in the hamptons on my wish list. hey, a girl can wish big. you can find more beautiful interiors from jarlath mellett here.

• all photos courtesy of jarlath mellett.

10 responses to “the stylists: jarlath mellett.”

  1. I love the sofa and walls in that first picture. What a cool way to bring nature into the home, though I’ll admit I’m not a fan of wallpaper in general…I could still go for this in a unique space, or perhaps a room that’s short on windows.

  2. Drooling. I really like the trompe l’oeil backdrop in the third image. If I had the know-how I would paint and sell them. I think they are fantastic. (If you can’t have real French doors- paint them on canvas in soft monotone hues and hang it on a wall.) Brilliant!

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