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well, this is a mighty fine “it list”, is it not? today’s list comes from a beautiful blog i’ve just started following, honey kennedy from jen mccabe. honey kennedy is named after her grandmother (what a fantastic name!) and her blog was designed by none other than anna from the fabulous door sixteen.  jen can also be found snapping away over on Instagram, tweeting on Twitter, and pinning on Pinterest. and oh, yeah she also makes fun music mixes and posts them on 8tracks. i am happy to say, jen gets around, and has come up with one great “it list”.

Since we moved a few months ago, most of my wish list has consisted of mostly furniture and housewares. I’d like to swap out some of my timeworn golden oldies for some big impact, shiny, modern things. Maybe it’s because I’m terrified of bears, but I can’t get this incredible sculpture by Wyatt Ellison out of my head. I have a weakness for moon and ocean-related graphics and photographs, so the idea of hanging this incredible Moon Chart from Agent Gallery Chicago makes my heart race a little bit. I’d also love to replace our current rickety oak chairs with something brighter and more sturdy–I keep coming back to these beautiful Tolix A Chairs in cream from Conran USA for the dining room. Some other things I daydream about are these wonderful cotton herringbone ‘Maine’ blankets from Alder & Co. and Tina Ratzer’s awesome ‘Twist a Twill’ blankets.

For the kitchen, I love the elusive enamelware brand, Riess, from Austria. I found their clever enamel storage boxes recently while stalking their cookware. I keep coming back to the Tricolore dishes from Astier de Villatte — it would be heavenly to sip coffee from these mugs every morning! Also, the porcelain peony by Studio Klimenkoff is just pure magic! Such a delicate ghost of a flower — it would be great to be able to have a pretty peony on the mantle all year round.

Apparently, I want to decorate the house and then leave the house. I have a serious itch to take a trip to Belgium to see the phenomenal architecture and visit the incredible shops, designers, artists. Top of my list for places to stay is Boulevard Leopold B&B in Antwerp. The whole bed and breakfast looks impeccable and they have two rental apartments. I dream of having a long soak in that tub in stunning Apartment 01 (more photos)!!

On my outdoorsy ‘it list’ I have the Pashley Princess Sovereign–the English country bicycle of my dreams. As bike friendly as Portland is — there aren’t any shops locally where I can see this bike in person. Someday we will meet. I’d love to own one the Fredericks and Mae x Confetti System collaborative ‘Mother’ kites. This dazzling, gold spotted beauty would be be so fun to see take flight on a sunny day on the Oregon coast.

My whole blog, Honey Kennedy, is pretty much a running wishlist that includes a lot of fashion, but there are a few designs recently that I’ve been thinking about a lot. First, the Nivaldo de Lima ‘Milan’ antique linen and leather bag from Majorca. Next are the beautiful, deco-inspired porcelain bangles from Australian print designer, Erin Lightfoot. My other recent fashion find was the new TenOverSix house brand collection. I want the Parker Coat! Black raw silk that looks like denim and is lined with grey and white diagonal stripes? Yes. Yes, please.

get Jen’s “it list”: 1. Wyatt Ellison bear sculpture;  2. Moon Chart from Agent Gallery Chicago;  3. Cream Tolix A chairs from Conran USA;  4. ‘Maine’ cotton herringbone blanket from Alder & Co.;  5. Tina Ratzer’s ‘Twist a Twill’ throw blanket;  6. Riess storage containers designed by Dottings;  7. Tricolore cup by Astier de Villatte;  8. The Studio Klimenkoff Porcelain Peony at Far4;  9. Trip to Boulevard Leopold Bed and Breakfast in Antwerp;  10. The Pashley Princess Sovereign bicycle;  11. ‘Mother Kite’ by Fredricks and Mae x Confetti System;  12. The ’Milan’ linen bag from Nivaldo de Lima;  13. Erin Lightfoot porcelain bangles; and 14. TenOverSix raw silk ‘Parker Coat’.

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  1. Wow…I want to stay at the Boulevard Leopold B&B too! That bathroom is gorgeous and I love the blue (turquoise? teal? tealquoise?) and white tiled kitchen in the “more photos” section.

  2. WOW. What an amazing collection of beautiful things!! Jen has such great taste, and is like a superhero when it comes to finding stuff I’d never come across otherwise.

    (So exciting to see two of my favorite bloggers in one place like this, too!!)

  3. LOVE the bear sculpture ( though I get the bear fear, every time we go back-packing here in the NW, the likelihood of a bear encounter is always at the forefront of my mind ), the porcelain peony is amazing and that leather & linen satchel is to die for.

    Thanks for the introduction to her blog!

  4. gush! I want all of it – thanks for sharing such a great site. I’ll be heading over there now to swoop up some of those blankets :)

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