day in the life of an anthology editor.
by victoria comment


i was lucky enough to be invited by anthology co-founder and magazine editor-in-chief anh-minh le to photograph her, her lovely home and her beautiful wardrobe for refinery29 a few weeks ago. the post is now live on refinery29 — so come take a peek inside anh-minh’s beautiful northern california home, and join me in obsessing over her shoe collection! and oh yeah, as you might notice, miss lucy came along to assist me. for more beauty from anh-minh and her publishing partner and creative director meg mateo-ilasco, check out anthology magazine.

• all photos © sfgirlbybay.

10 responses to “day in the life of an anthology editor.”

  1. As soon as I saw the tiny, beautiful shoes, I knew it must be Anh-Minh. :)

    Off to check out the post now…yay!

    (And Victoria, I think her closet is the opposite of ours!!)

  2. Cathy Jean – The shoes are stored on shelves that were already there when we moved in. They’re perfect for all of my flats! (I also keep my fancier shoes in boxes from the Container Store – the clear ones that come in several sizes.)

  3. I loved those Marc Jacobs shoes ever since Anh-Minh first shared them on her blog, several years ago. A few months after I saw them there, I was lucky enough to stumble upon them at DSW, marked down about 80%. They’re one of my favorite pairs, though they’re looking a little worse for wear now.

  4. Ohhh what are those adorable salmon-pink colored sandals pictured at the bottom? They werent in the Refinery29 slideshow! I am in love with that color right now…

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