“it list” camilla engman.
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this “it list” comes from one of my artistic idols, gothenburg, sweden-based camilla engman. i think i’ve been following camilla’s work, and her travels with her trusty pup morran, since i started blogging in 2006, so i am most happy to get a glimpse into her personal wish list. and, it’s a really good list, so i am right there with her. bali? sounds perfect. thanks so much, camilla!

“Things I dream of:
I love everything I see from Confetti System, so I would like them to decorate my home or to throw me a birthday party. There is something with Alma Allen’s sculptures that make my heart sing. I’ve been looking at the website and dreamt about them for years now — I would have a problem choosing, though. I really want one of David Neale’s pieces of jewelery, especially one of his brooches. Karin Eriksson has a wash bag that I always want and envy, I think it is a Lisa Stickley one. So now I want one too!”

“Any of these Amy SteinDomesticated – photos, would make me happier. Since I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love I want to go to Bali, which I’ve never thought about before. Mostly because I want to live in an open bungalow like she did in the movie and to have a yoga area.”

“I long for nature. I’m dreaming of being a sea kayak person, traveling around the world with my kayak paddling in all kinds of different water and nature but always in good weather. I would very much like to go to Lofoten in Norway, so why not bring the kayak there? I know there is an art scholarship I could try to get to stay there a while. I’m always looking for a good looking backpack, it’s not as easy to find as you might think. I found this one the other day. I live on top of a hill so biking is out of the question for me, but with an electric bike I could biking around all day up and down. and Petersham Nurseries looks like the perfect place to stop for a coffee/tea and a cake or two!”

get camilla’s “it list”: 1. a Confetti System party; 2. one of Alma Allen’s sculptures; 3. David Neale’s broach; 4. Lisa Stickley wash bag; 5. Amy SteinDomesticated – photos; 6. an open bungalow in Bali; 7. a sea kayak; 8. a trip to Lofoten in Norway; 9. a lester backpack; 10. ecoride electric bike; 11. a visit to the Petersham Nurseries cafe.

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  1. I have heard reports of a restaurant in Ubud (Bali) with a sign at the door which says “Eat, pay, leave”. I love that.

    And I really, really, really love this site.

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