separated at birth.
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inspiration and decorating ideas come from many places and in many forms, and fashion is no exception. i see an outfit, and i think, “oh, i love that color combination, and that print!” and i then get it into my head that art can imitate life! for this round of separated at birth, vintage fashions inspired some decorating ideas for around the house. like the outside dining nook above, inspired by miss faye dunaway’s poolside post-oscar pose.

ursula andress’ updo with fluffy pink feathers make me think of flamingos.

raquel welch lounges on a yellow sofa to die for, and replicate.

criss-cross wallpaper pattern inspired by babs’ fishnets.

a bubble chair, inspired by audrey hepburn’s sip of champagne.

anne bancroft’s sexy stockings inspire a feminine pink room with black accents.

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    • me too, will. i always think she looks a little bit bored, perhaps a bit sad or lonely in this shot by terry o’neill. like she has no one to share her success with.

  1. Victoria,
    Do you still have the “friends” list somewhere on your site? I loved using it to click through to other sites, and I don’t have any of them bookmarked! I had a little ritual: check out your comings and goings, and then move along to your (and my) friends…now I don’t know how!


  2. I *love* this series. I think it would be such a fantastic coffee table book, if only you could get to reproduce the images! Let me know if that is possible. :)

  3. Stunning! We are so lucky to have lived the 60’s (however young) and are now seeing it come back in design and fashion. You did a really good job here. When I was a girl those stockings Raquel is wearing were such a treat. Wearing stockings like those, were the number one exclamation that I was grown up! At all of 11 years old. lol Like yur new profile pic by the way.

  4. oh, i love your separated at birth posts and these pairings are just so lovely! this post was just the dose of inspiration i needed today – thank you! and i agree, that faye dunaway photo is amazing. cheers!

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