tuesday’s girl: grace coddington.
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one of my personal heroes is grace coddington. did you ever see the september issue? if not, put it right up there on your netflix cue. the movie, a documentary about vogue’s fall issue and anna wintour is stolen away by the brilliance that is vogue creative director grace coddington. but did you know grace was once a super model in her own right? yep, not just incredible intelligence and wit, oodles of style too.

• images: vogue , nancy girl; gastro chic; models.com; reuters.

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  1. Yes to Julianne Moore! I think she would totally play Grace in a film. Grace is so inspirational. I love listening to her talk! I’m glad The September Issue did several interviews with her.

  2. YES! love, love, love Grace! how could you not? she’s a creative genius who oozes talent and knows how to pick her battles, all the while exuding a witty sense of humor. definitely a personal hero of mine too! thank you for picking her V. oxo

  3. I absolutely adore Grace too. She’s stylish, funny, extremely talented and there’s nothing arrogant about her. They say she still ties the models’ shoelaces herself when styling, I love that about her!


  4. Yes, I like her too! I don’t know much about fashion, but a friend made me watch The september issue, and I loved how normal and creative Grace was. Plus, she wrote that adorable book “Catwalk cats”! Definitely a fan :)

    xx Viola

  5. Love that movie. I so enjoyed watching Grace work and I also liked that she seemed extremely down to earth. It was so interesting to see her appreciation for all things beautiful, whether in the drape of a fabric, the setting of a shoot, or the beauty of a garden.

  6. I didn’t know who she was until watching the September Issue. After that, I came away with so much respect her (and thinking “…SHE should be top editor at Vogue”)

  7. Love love LOVE Grace! I had no idea the woman with the amazingly frizzy red hair I often see in fashion magazine snippets was the Creative Director at Vogue. I was so happy when The September Issue took a turn to focus more on her life and career; she seems like such a brilliant, forward thinking woman who actually has a heart…and a heart, to me, is not something you initially think of when you think of ‘fashion’!

  8. Grace is so beautiful. On the Vogue cover, did you notice how much she and Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men” favor? Uncanny!

  9. I find Grace Coddington absolutely fascinating – she is obviously such a sharp, creative person, but when you read interviews with her (or watch The September Issue), you are so struck by her sensitivity and, well, grace. What is the female equivalent of a gentleman? Lady doesn’t quite work – I would say she is a gentlewoman, through and through.

  10. Absolutely stunning post! I have admired pictures from her modeling career for a while now – and this post has definitely made we want to watch The September Issue!

  11. Grace totally stole that show, er, documentary! I loved it so much that the second it was over I hit “menu” and watched it again in the same sitting. And she sure does resemble Juilanne Moore in some of those photographs. Her eye was so incredible, not to mention her vast knowledge of photography and photographers. My heart broke for her whenever Anna axed a photo from the spread. It made me wish that Vogue would post the pictures that wound up on the floor somewhere, or have a “Grace’s cut” spread online for each spread she’s done in the glossy.

  12. Look at her! Just gorge…
    I think I remember mention of that in the movie but never followed up with any research. I agree she stole it from Anna, what a wonderful spirit!

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