STUDIO SPACES: inspiration found here.
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i love peering into artist’s studio spaces. just the look of all that organized chaos (or as the case may be, disorganized chaos) in someone’s work space inspires and fascinates me. i’m the kind of person who likes an orderly work space to get things checked off the check list, however i secretly admire the decadence of beautiful disarray. but today, i thought i’d poke around some studios work spaces that keep it pretty clean, but still have that artistic touch.

i could really use some flat files, like these from emma’s design blogg; i love these two images from leslie williamson of art collections decorating the work space; and vintage flash cards decorate this work space, via apartment therapy.

clipboards adorn this wall and keep things tidy, by Finnish stylist Susanna Vento, via emma’s design blogg; mid-century modern vintage-inspired office via vogue living; love this inspiration wire from vee*; some great desk lamps, via karen mordechai; a great card catalog for organizing those pesky scraps of paper from factory 20; and probably the most perfect working room ever, as seen in junk style’s, via the city sage.

vintage and very industrial chic, from stylist johanna Flyckt; and another vintage-inspired work area via bodie and fou; and a bright and cheery space to create, via convoy.

• top images via the tao of dana.

20 responses to “STUDIO SPACES: inspiration found here.”

  1. Yes… you probably don’t want to see my creative space. It’s quite a mess! As I was telling my boyfriend, it’s much like my brain. It’s not very tidy, but at least stuff gets done!

  2. so glad you like them, me too! i want to rearrange my work space now, too. and spruce it up with new artwork, and revamp the inspiration wire, and board.

  3. Love the site redesign….but please, please, please, please stop “writing” on the photos you post. It’s very distracting and cluttered looking. This site is such a reference point for a lot of people, and you always have delightful commentary…but the little banners and typography is really detracting. I just noticed it’s a new thing on here and wanted to give some feedback.

  4. Beautiful studio spaces. I’m trying to get my studio as organized as I can and it is coming along quite nicely! But these are some great ideas to keep me inspired :)

    On a side note, I noticed in poppytalk’s handmade shop there was a photograph of Kelly’s Cove in there taken by you. I just found it really neat because I am from the East coast, but I have spent a lot of time in San Fran (that’s why I like your blog so much!) And every time I go to SF I stay in the apartment buildings right across the street where that photo was taken, so I’ve spent a lot of time there sketching and hanging out. Seeing the photo just made me smile :)

      • It’s right in Outer Richmond, the beach by Cliff House and Lands End… maybe it’s just what the surfers call it because any one I have met from SF don’t know the beach as Kelly’s Cove haha. There is a huge graffiti that says Kelly’s Cove somewhere along that wall but I just can’t remember where This is the photograph I saw. I really love it because it brings back some great memories! I miss SF so much and I really hope to make a trip out there soon!

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