inspired by: stranger on a plane.
by victoria comment


on a recent plane ride home from los angeles, i sat next to an elderly woman who was reading an aged copy of emma, perhaps from the 40’s. i noticed the price tag on the cover was $1.10 and asked her if she had purchased the original copy. she had indeed, and she very kindly allowed me to photograph the book with my iphone. talk about a weird juxtaposition of technology meets vintage! it got me thinking about how much i love the old book jackets of yesteryear, so i thought i’d round up a few cool ones.

things magazine has a great project featuring a collection of some great old penguin paperback book covers (above, and below). and ominivore books in san francisco is known for some classic old cookbooks and cocktail mixer how-to’s; i love this 1958 prize winning photography book from terror skink.

hannah ellen always has a fine collection of penguin paperbacks.

i was given this classic beauty pictures by some dear friends.

• top image marilyn monroe.

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  1. I have a mini collection of vintage books, and some were purchased purely for the fantastic covers! I love your collection here, especially “show me london” and “prize winning photography”. Pretty fantastic.

  2. These are really great. Thanks for sharing. Lately, I’ve been in to searching thrift stores for interesting album covers, especially those from the 50’s and early 60’s. There are some real doozies out there!

  3. what a great way to pass the time on an airplane! I love vintage book covers too, especially children’s stories, and collections. And what about good old readers digest Condensed books? They have great paper patterns on the inside, and they are a childhood memory for me, that really is one of the best thing about vintage!

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