meet morris etc. – and pssst, a reader discount.
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meet morris etc. — i think you’re gonna like them. Morris Etc. grew out of the 4,562 days its founders, Amy & Brett Morris, have spent together. The couple met at a wedding in 1998, and ever since their lives have taken them through a myriad of experiences and destinations, as all the while they searched for an enterprise worthy of their collected passion. morris etc. is it — vintage, one-off rugs and runners. Each is an heirloom piece, a foundation to be moved from room to room, house to house, floor to floor. generation to generation — what a beautiful thing to hand down.

Weeks of meticulous hand looming goes into creating each and every rug — The evidence of which, you’ll see, is located directly under your feet. and Morris Etc. is very kindly offering you a sfgirlbybay reader discount – enter sfgirlbybay when you purchase a rug, and you’ll receive a $25 discount (offer ends August 31st)!

Morris Etc. also offers a new service — send them a color swatch via email or snail mail and they’ll suggest three rugs that best match your color scheme. Let them help you narrow your decision, it’s fun for them because they know each rug intimately! what a brilliant idea! thanks, guys!

• photos by joyce lee.

10 responses to “meet morris etc. – and pssst, a reader discount.”

  1. Grrr, I wish we had our hardwood floors back! Carpet sucks. Especially when it’s super ugly and your landlord still thinks it looks good. Haha, thanks for the post anyways, they’re fun!

  2. Victoria these are beautiful! I love the pops of color and pattern.
    I also wanted to say how much I like your new blog design!!! Fun and fresh are always a good combination; you nailed it again my dear!

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