good reads: the repurposed library.
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today i’m super excited to share artist lisa occhipinti’s beautiful diy craft book, the repurposed library. the book features 33 projects share lisa’s unique, art-meets-craft aesthetic, as well as instructions to create your own projects and give new life to cast off books. and if perhaps you’re not super crafty, you can also find lisa’s beautiful paper sculptures in her etsy shop.

With an X-acto knife, glue, and a little ingenuity, the repurposed library shows you how “orphaned” books become home décor accessories, such as such as shelves, headboards and a little sewing box that lisa is sharing with y’all today — simply click this free [ downloadable PDF ].

i love this two-book illuminated luminary (above) and the bookshelf (below) from the pages of the repurposed library.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to do a post on these lovely book mobiles for a while. They are so beautiful aren’t they? Gorgeous hanging sculpture.

  2. this book makes my crafty heart go ‘pitter patter’ that much faster… i will be adding this sweetie to my book shelf for sure :)
    and can i just also say Victoria, your new ‘blog do’ also makes my little heart go ‘pitter patter’, so perfectly you :)
    Tif x

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