samantha french: dog days of summer giveaway.
by victoria comment


one of my favorite artists, and a kind sponsor of mine, samantha french is hosting a sfgirlbybay reader giveaway. that’s mighty nice, isn’t it? samantha is generously giving away one 16″x20″ print from her dog days of summer collection. i love this collection — makes me want to scout out a local swimming hole and dive in! for a chance to win, please comment below, sharing your favorite print from samantha french’s etsy shop, and we’ll pick a random winner. please enter by september 9th, and remember to leave a way to contact you.

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    • Its tough but I’d say”Somersault”.

      I have Slow breathing and Three feet below hanging on my walls and I get tons of compliments on them. I am completely smitten with her work! It reminds me of happy lazy days spent in my pool.

  1. Oh, I’ve been a fan since the minute I laid eyes on “Lake Waters”, on your blog, Victoria! I love all Samantha’s magical underwater work, with special mention for “Three Feet Below”.

    PS I would be thrilled and honored to win a print!

  2. I am just smitten by “Three Feet Below” — what a beautifully-complex painting yet simple summer moment. This painting invites me to fully engage — I feel as if I’m swimming myself, getting a playful glimpse from below the surface. This print captivates all my senses — I can so easily hear the sound of water splashing, kids laughing, muffled voices above the water; smell chlorine and know it will linger on my skin; feel the cool water on a hot summer day. Lovely work, Samatha French!

  3. Awesome giveaway! Samantha’s work is so beautiful. We actually just moved into our first house together and are looking for art to hang around the home. I especially love Samantha’s “Three Feet Below” print- the colors are so lovely!

  4. These paintings really channel joie de vivre and at the same time remind me those soviet alabaster monuments (like A girl with an oar) of youth we had in our camps in my childhood. I find Three feet below particularly inspiring. But they are all so forceful and full of life!

  5. Totally “Three Feet Below”! I enjoy them all but that one speaks to me, the way the colors of the breaking water.

  6. “Three Feet Below” of course. I love the colours and it is just SO lovely. There are many I like, but that is by far, my fave.

  7. Ooooh I’ve had “At The Edge Stripes and Flags” pinned on my Pinterest board for a long time. Love love love. I just enjoy the simplicity of the composition. “Lake Waters” is a close second. What a great giveaway!

  8. I think I would want a set of three– doesn’t everything look better in threes?– I would pick ‘slow breathing’, ‘somersault’ and ‘plunge’. I’ve been eyeing her work for a while, perhaps it is time for me to take the plunge!

  9. I love Samantha’s work. I have 2 favorites- “Slow Breathing” and “On the Beach”. Okay, 3 favorites with “Three feet Below”. No! wait! make that 4…

  10. “Slow Breathing” is my favorite. Its amazing how Samantha could capture something as subtle as that long, lazy, almost still sense of summer.

  11. well, I fell like I’m just jumping on the bandwagon, since so many other people have already mentioned it, but I really love the ‘three feet below’ print, too. :)

  12. This is such an AWESOME give away!!! I love Samantha’s work… so much so that I’ve used it several times in moodboards on my blog. I looooove “Synchronized” Her use of my favorite color orange, the cute umbrellas and swimming caps and the color palette… love it.

  13. How beautiful is “3 feet below”? More and more to look at and come back to, will look fantatic in a simple maple frame on our cobalt blue walls.

  14. I love Samantha’s work. It captures, perfectly, the coolness and serenity of swimming on a hot summers day. I also love the retro feel to her work. All of them are gorgeous! But my favorites is Coming up for air. The bright colors are just amazing. Thanks for the opportunity <3

  15. Love the Three feet below. It makes me feel what it’s like to feel the first breath of air when you come above water

  16. wow i absolutely adore “Naples poolside”…it reminds me of my aunt and uncle’s house in miami when I was growing up (they now live on a mountain in NC!), they had a strange cement wall designed like the one in the photo in their entryway.

    thanks for the great giveaway! love the art.


  17. What wonderful work. Makes me want to go somewhere warmer than Seattle for a vacation. “coming up for air” is definitely my favorite.

  18. So hard to pick a favorite. I love Samantha’s painting; they remind me of being a kid. I think, though, that my favorite is Three Feet Below. Thanks for this opportunity!

  19. It was hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing this great art, I love it. I would pick Three feet below, I think.



  20. Love love love 3 feel below. Pinned it ages ago. Have been contemplating for a while… guess that means I need to have it!

  21. Wow, it’s so difficult to choose a favorite – they are all so gorgeous! I really like the colors and angle of Three Feet Below, so it’s probably my favorite. But again, they are all so evocative of many memories – I distinctly remember doing somersaults in the pool, and diving down, and lounging poolside, etc. Samantha does a great job of capturing these common experiences, and beautifully.

  22. ohmygod, i love every single one of her paintings. it’s so hard to choose a favorite but i especially love the way the paints reflections in water. i love ‘sink in, float’, ‘three feet below’, and ‘coming up for air’. oh and ‘lake waters’. ok i love them all. ;) i would LOVE to have any one of these hanging in my home.

  23. Her underwater works are so vivid- it’s hard to pic a fave. But, I would also have to say “Three Feet Below”. The way the reflection is depicted on the water above- amazing.

  24. Love three feet below, no diving, and somersault. Great water, you can just feel the wetness and the bubbles. Thanks for exposing me to this artist.

  25. I love Somersault. As someone who’s deathly afraid of water, it spoke to me and made me wish I wasn’t so fearful. And the colors, wow.

    Just stunning.

  26. I LOVE her art! I have been lusting after ‘No Diving’ for a looooong time! It would look amazing in my livingroom. I’m a huge fan and have my fingers crossed!

  27. Oh my goodness what a sweet giveaway. I love Samantha’s work! I am particularly fond of “naples poolside”, “at the beach” ,and “no diving”–I am a sucker for stripes.

  28. I love her pieces – my favourite ones are underwater captures…That combination of the aqua of the water with the other colours she chooses are divine.

  29. I love the ones with people underwater! Reminds me of how much I love that quiet feeling of gliding through the water – totally free and unselfconscious.

  30. These are gorgeous! I just moved into a new apartment & her art would make a perfect addition. I really love the Deep Dive print because, well, who wouldn’t want a man in a swimsuit hanging on their wall?

  31. I came on your blog today and saw these prints and was thinking, wow these are gorgeous! Then i saw that there was a give away! woo hoo! I love all of them, but I think my favorite is At the Surface! YAY!

  32. OMG who could possibly choose there are so many wonderful prints. I love Somersault, Three Feet Below, and Lake Waters. My daughter is an avid swimmer and this would be perfect in her room!

  33. “Slow Breathing” would have to be my favorite. But how difficult it was to choose just one! They are so beautiful. I have taught swim lessons every summer for years and can thing of nothing I love more than that summer day in the water.

  34. Wow, love these – as a swimmer and lover of water they make me so happy. But since I’m also a huge lover of stripes, my favourite is “At the edge stripes and flags ( Large print w/mat)”

  35. Oh how I adore Miss French! When I worked at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (her Alma mater), she always submitted the most beautiful work in the annual student art sale. I longed for a piece every year. I would love to win one. Thank you for the chance!

  36. Coming up for air is my favorite…I just purchased it! I’d have to choose between At the Surface and Three Feet Below if I won. LOVE her stuff.

  37. 9 year old bathtime last night, my daugher asked be to blow bubbles into the water as she saw what it looked like from underneath the water with her goggles! yep goggles at bathtime is the latest thing! I love Three Feet Below.
    – Jolie

  38. It’s hard to choose between the prints showing the patterns and colours reflected at the water’s surface but the best best would have to be “three feet below”. I want to be there, to be that girl.

  39. Perfect giveaway to end a perfect summer! I love “Three Feet Below” because of all the colors and the serenity I feel when I’m under water. Love it! Thanks Samantha and Victoria!

  40. wow! “sink in, float” is speaks to me greatly.

    it actually reminds me of being about 4 years old when i learned how to hold my breath under water. i wasn’t successful at it that day, and my aunt had to dive down and bring me back up, but i still remember the way the water looked above me, glistening; the sun beamed through the water ripples.

  41. wow! it always blows my mind how someone can paint water in such a way as to really capture its movement, colors, and mood. i love all of her work! i think my fave is Deep Dive.

  42. I almost spilled my coffee when i saw that you had a giveaway from one of my most favouritest artists ever! i love all her work – i think i love ‘three feet below’ the most though… although it’s very hard to choose!

    I’m crossing everything but i know i’ll definitely be owning a Samantha French print one day, one way or another! :)

    • I love Samantha French’s “Three Feet Below” painting. Her entire “Dog Days of Summer” collection has managed to capture the lightness of a summer’s day. The reflection of water within three feet below is incredible. Every prism of light is accurately reflected. You have that feeling of being underwater too, a kind of nostalgic warmth hits me. The freedom, the lovely light and the laziness of summer seems to engulf me all at once. Today is September 1st and I live in one of the coldest parts of Canada. Having this print would warm me up and keep me sane on those frigid days yet to come.

  43. I´m looking at “Three Feet Below” right now, It makes me feel so peacefull! Just that sensation, when under the water, hearing only your heart beat. Love all of them…

  44. I have been in love with Samantha’s work forever.
    This giveaway is so exciting!
    If i had to choose a single piece i would pick “Three feet below”.
    Crossing my fingers!

  45. I am so glad you featured this artist! Her paintings are so intricate! I love them!

    3 feet below seems to be a fan favorite and is my favorite as well! :)

    Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

  46. I love them all ~ she’s my new favourite artist. I’ve bought 2 prints for our master bath… Coming up for Air & At the Surface. I love to lay in the tub and have these beautiful images to look at. Sink in, float & Slow Breathing are such a beautiful paintings too. They all are really. It is an honour to display her work in our home.

  47. oh, that’s a tough choice!!! as a swimmer and someone who loves, loves, loves water (and art), i love all samantha’s paintings. if i had to choose just one, i’d go with “dive deep”. or “freestyle”. or “lake water” or …?!!

    and i can see myself in “single swimmer (black)”.

    thanks to you and samantha for the great give-away opportunity!


  48. All fab! Three favourites if pressed: No Diving ~ lounging woman in her bold striped swimsuit, casually admiring her own form, Synchronized ~ red & parasols, what a sense of occasion! and At The Edge Stripes & Flags ~ although more subdued, love the grey & red & the shapes….think this is nudging to the forefront after all!

  49. Oh wow, these are all amazing! The epitome of what it means to be a summer day…captured in a painting. Three feet below is just plain gorgeous!

  50. Three feet below is a definite favourite. I love the fractal quality of the water, it evokes the experience of looking through the different “planes” of the water and how reality become distorted!

  51. I’m captivated by the fragmentation of colors in the reflection created by the surface of the water in Three Feet Under. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it might help that I’m a big fan of burnt orange these days. Thank you for sharing these images and introducing me to Samantha’s work — it’s just lovely.

  52. Coming up for air is my favourite.
    Swam alot as a child and always had that feeling when swimming underwater of being a mermaid, in a world where time stood still and sound was quietly muffled. Now as an adult I really need to find that place again, but for some reason when i descend into the underwater world now, that place is nowhere to be found. Love this art. X

  53. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been eyeing Samantha French’s work for a while now. Three Feet Below is one of my favorites. Thanks!

  54. SINK IN, FLOAT! LOVE it…. The very first time I saw her work was at a little coffee shop in Nisswa, MN up by my cabin ( I think its where she is originally from too)! Love from Minnesota :)

    PS- also funny… I rarely remember artist’s names ( sadly) but when I saw her work a few years later I did!

  55. I am in LOVE with Three Feet Below. Awesome paintings and I have been following her for a while. Such a great giveaway!

  56. Three Feet Below is a tour de force!
    At The Beach brings the scents of a day at the shore to the tip of my nose.
    They are all very lovely.

  57. Love her paintings! I can’t decide out of Three feet below and Deep dive. I find them both so tranquil. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  58. I adore Samantha’s paintings — she’s been a favorite on my etsy profile for a while now. My favorites are “three feet below”, “slow breathing” and “lake waters”!!

  59. Without a doubt for me its “Three feet below”. The quality of the way the light is captured in the water makes it a stand out painting.

  60. I love looking at Three Feet Below…. I imagine story line for it. I find myself thinking of what the subject might be thinking. It’s very engaging.

  61. “Three Feet Below” is my favorite. I spent 11 years swimming competitively, and how samantha has captured what the water looks like from underneath is amazing. I would be honored to have this hanging on my wall. thank you!

  62. Although I love the whole series for its summery feel, my favourite just has to be “three feet below”… It is exactly what I love most about Summer – being able to swim under water, and looking up to see what is above, transformed into colourful ripples and wavelets – and that has been executed so beautifully in this particular print!

    Great post and great artist – thanks for sharing, Victoria!

  63. Wow. I’ve long been an admirer of Samantha’s work after discovering her on Etsy. “Three Feet Below” is so stunning, but I also love “Seaside.” It’s such a beautiful figure study. This is the best giveaway ever!!!

  64. I first saw Samantha’s work via a advert on a blog site. I love her stuff. I have a great big white wall in my living room that would love a French piece… it’s hard to say which one is my favorite, but I like, ‘no diving’, ‘coming up for air’, ‘sink in, float’ & ‘lake waters’.

  65. please pick me!!! i LOVE samantha french and have been drooling over this collection for my house!
    i have the most perfect spot!
    xoxo, val

  66. I love her work and would love the chance to win a print. My favorites are “Coming up for air” and “Three feet below”- Thank you Samantha for offering your talents to sfgirlbybay readers.

  67. i love the ” no diving” painting. im not sure if its the striped bathing suit or her relaxed pose but is just lovely.

  68. My favorite, favorite, most favoritest is ‘Deep Dive’. I also love ‘three feet below’ & ‘slow breathing’.

    *crossin’ my fingers*
    (I really hope I win)

  69. she is amazing and so talented! It is so hard to pick a favorite. I love “slow breathing” and “deep dive”. jenn_nash(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  70. i can’t take my eyes off ‘three feet below’. wow. samantha french’s shop is now favourited! thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  71. Of all the serendipitous giveaways!! I have been eyeing Samantha’s “Slow Breathing” for months now, just waiting to get a new home to hang it in! (Truth be told, I look at it online almost daily….hows that for obsession?) I’ll be moving in a few short months and I have the exact location already picked out. Would love to have the work of such a talented artist hanging in my new home :)

  72. I live on an island so i’m close to the water all the time. from the moment i saw samantha’s “somersault” i’ve coveted it. that image captures so perfectly the joy of “jumping in”, the thrill of hitting the cool water with your entire body, moving your body in ways you cannot on land and instantly having back the freedom and “devil may care” spirit of childhood.
    i simply love it.

  73. I really couldn’t decide between the Yellow Bather, Single Swimmer: Black or the Diver — each one brought up rich memories of one of my favorite pastimes.

  74. “three feet below” is the definite standout. Its like a modern impressionistic painting. the whole series is cohesive and captures those perfect summer moments. Especially, the feeling of submerging yourself in water when its silly hot outside. Love!

  75. Wow. Samantha must have stood in line twice when they were handing out artistic talent. Coming up for Air does it for me. I think because I feel like I’m doing that in my life right now. Thank you for this opportunity.

  76. I LOVE “Sink in, Float” – her colors are gorgeous and she’s taking on really hard subject matter. Love Love Love : )

  77. So wonderful! Incredibly beautiful, and hard to choose just one. Both “Slow Breathing” or “Coming up for Air” are my favorites.

  78. What a lovely exhibition of summer! The fresh colors remind me of some great summer holidays. My two favorites are three Feet Below and Two Boats Docked.
    I enjoyed this post

  79. I love “no diving” it reminds me of summers spent at the pool with my grandma. She had a bathing suit just like the striped one!

  80. Ever since my niece Lena Corwin turned me on to your blog, I have coveted this collection. I think I also saw it on the jealous curator. I have been wanting to get “No Diving” for my sister (Lena’s mom) Patty as it matches her painting style so well also. The tone and demeanor of the work is so vibrant and transforms a day in the office to a summer at the lake. I LOVE it. I have been saving up to buy one for Patty. Hopefully I will have enough to buy her one before they run out!

  81. I love “Lake Waters” and also “At the edge stripes and flags” so for me, it would have to be either one of those. What a terrific giveaway. I love her paintings. Thanks.

  82. as a former lifeguard i have to say they are all very appealing, especially the water ones, but i think ‘somersault’ is probably my favorite. thanks for the giveaway, victoria! i hope you are having a great summer! (except for the whole stupid having to find a new place to live part) onward & upward, right?!

  83. These photos are so beautiful! I’ve been a huge fan since the moment I first saw them on sfgbb. I think Coming Up for Air is my favorite print, they are all so lovely!


  84. I would have a hard time choosing between Lake Waters and Naples, Poolside, but if I won, I’m pretty sure I could do it! Thanks.

  85. Coincidence you would say?
    Passing by sfgirlbybay after a rainy day, I fall on Three feet below hung on a wall. It reminds me of the picture of my mother who passed away this April that I took under the water some 17 years ago in the Anse d’Argent in La Martinique. My mother trying to smile at the camera, the light of the sun coming through the transparent water, the floatation of the moves… I found this picture today, while packing for a new life, a new beginning…
    Coincidence you would say?

  86. I would have to say ‘three feet below’ for the use of colour and to remind me of summer in the middle of a cold and wet wintery day here is Australia! Wow she is such a talent – capturing water reflections and light is not easy and she does it so well……thanks for showcasing her work on your blog!

  87. So many beautiful choices, but there’s one called “untitled yellow bather” that seems to have really gotten under my skin. I love the perspective, and wonder so many things about the subject!

  88. I am enchanted by Slow Breathing. It reminds me of the fun my step-daughter had in my father’s pool when we traveled to his house on road trips.

  89. So many gorgeous paintings — its hard to choose just one as my favorite! The muted colors and textures of “two boats docked,” “at the edge stripes and flags,” and “palm springs” really make it for me. “At the edge stripes and flags” takes the cake, though!

    • Hard to choose. But, ‘Three Feet Below’, ‘Naples’ and ‘Somersault’ really get me feeling something special.

  90. I realky like “Three Feet Below” because it’s abstract and realistic enough at the same time. I love the colors.

  91. What a terrific opportunity! I love Lake Waters, closely followed by Slow Breathing and Freestyle. Thank you.

  92. “Coming up for air” is my favorite. I loveds to swim as a kid and this one looks kind of like me in a red suit I had. I haven’t had the time (or the body!) to swim in years. I should get a print of this just to remind me to do it anyway.

  93. I have a big time girl crush when it comes to Samantha French! And her work has been on my wish list for ages.
    Her work reminds me of David Hockney’s a Bigger Splash
    Slow Breathing in particular reminds me of my childhood summer, so it’s my absolute favorite! Also, I could do with a bit of summer memories since we’re having the wettest summer ever here in the Netherlands!

  94. I am so inspired by these beautiful paintings. My favorite is “Three Feet Below”. To me it depicts exactly how i’ve been feeling lately.

  95. I’m captivated by the way she portrays the light and ripples. So pretty. I think “Three feet below” is my favorite and “Slow breathing” is a close second.

  96. I love her work! I think I’m with a lot of people here. I’m pretty sure that “Three Feet Below” is my favorite!

  97. I have been bookmarking these prints all summer I love them all. Coming up for air is my favorite. Love the colors in all of them.

  98. Samantha French is so talented! I have wanted to own a piece of her work for quite some time. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think “Slow Breathing” would be it. This would be the most amazing birthday present!

  99. I love THREE FEET BELOW, the movement of the piece, vibrant colors and all of the emotion that goes into it really bring me to that moment where your body hits the crisp, cool water of a pool on a summer day. Beautiful work Samantha! Pick me and I will promise to display your work and love it each and every day!

    – Jen

  100. Three Feet Below is so beautiful. After the most eventful summer of my life life coming to an end, I’d love to keep a piece of it forever.

  101. Oh my gosh. WHAT an amazing giveaway. This is so exciting! I’m such a huge fan of her work! Although it’s hard to pick just one, my favorite print is Palm Springs. I love the color palette and the entire feeling of the piece.

  102. As a life long swimmer I’m excited to see an artist that captures the feeling of being submersed, in that quiet space under the surface. In our over stimulated world, it’s hard to find that kind of peace. I’d love to have a print for above my bathtub!

  103. three feet below is so beautiful. the way she paints light is captivating and dramatic, yet evokes so much calm. her work is amazing – thank you for introducing her work to us!

  104. My favorite print is Naples Poolside. I would love to have this one and imagine it was me as I look out on a foggy SF summer day….

  105. Three Feet Below!
    The whole collection is lovely and makes me nostalgic already for summer… I would love a piece to hang in my bedroom and be reminded of warmth all year round. Especially when I am lacing up my winter boots about to trudge through snow…

  106. Samantha French is such a wonderful artist. I recently came across her work on pinterest and have been drawn to it ever since. I love all the reflections in the water and how she uses color. “Slow Breathing” and “Somersault” are just two of my favorite. These make me want to go for a swim.

  107. I love Three Feet Below. There’s something about the way her reflection is hovering above her, and it makes me think of the way things can look distorted, and also makes me think of the significance of surfacing… coming up and out of something. I also love Slow Breathing.

    Beautiful. I love your work and am glad to have discovered you via Artsy Forager on Facebook!

  108. love samantha’s art. she is so talented. water, or anything transparent like glass, is sooo hard to paint, especially with all the reflections and sunlight. she does an amazing job. with that said i like them all but i like slow breathing.

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