inspired by: abigail ahern.
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oh man-o-man, todd selby has a new shoot posted of one of my decor heroes, british interior designer abigail ahern. her london townhouse is just the bees-knees! it’s dark and dramatic, and yet full of whimsy and a sense of humor. it’s got all these unexpected bold details, from that crazy poodle lamp from her collection, to that extremely rad turquoise clawfoot table-turned-desk. i shared previous incarnations of abigail’s home here, but i’m loving this update even more. for the full tour of abigail’s home, head on over the the selby.

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  1. Why don’t I own an amazing townhouse in London?! Wah. Every time I see her place I am re-wowed.

    P.S. I am similarly re-wowed by how great your site redesign is! You guys really did an awesome job.

  2. Those dog lamps are to die for! I had a similar one once I found at the Alamany Flea, but in one of my many moves my husband talked me into sending it to Goodwill…must find another…

  3. What an amazing abode! I especially adore that coffee table, although I’m still trying to figure it out. Is it wood? Fringe? Both? Either way, it’s gorgeous!

  4. Isn’t she just fab? Her use of colour inspires me to no end. I went into her store on Upper St on Saturday and let’s just say it’s a good thing the credit card stayed at home! ;)

  5. Oh my, we’ll never get enough of Abigail, will we? Her space is just alive with positive energy even on a rainy day in London. Nothing gloomy going on there!
    I love the facade of her house too… How she must have bargained for her half banister in grey, with that little twist at the end! And her dog is irresistible!
    Thanks for a beautiful eyefull!

  6. Very inspiring! Gives me idea’s. I moonlight for Ron Morgan @ Loot and we carry some of these items.- Gold sconces. Animal rugs. Very traditional yet too much fun. Love the book wallpaper. It really makes that room feel bigger than it is. Love high ceilings!

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