“it list” shiny squirrel.
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this week’s “it list” comes from jessica goldfond, aka the shiny squirrel. i follow jessica on twitter and love when she tweets ‘love this look’. i immediately pop over to her blog to see what she’s come up with, and it’s usually something i’m coveting. her “it list” is no different. ouija board? oh yeah. i’ve got a vintage one laying around here somewhere — come on over jessica!

“Playing with Ouija Board – I recently backed a Kickstarter project that included a handmade Ouija Board as one of its rewards and it got me thinking about how much I love them and miss playing with them. I remember as a kid going to my friends’ house and asking about boys and our future.

The Style of this girl — I love how cool and casual this image is.

Rick Owens Mohair Long Sleeve Jacket – He makes the most amazing leather jacket and this is just one of a whole slew I have been coveting.

This man and riding on the back of this motorcycle with him – I have had kind of an obsession recently with riding on motorcycles and wanting to make sure that I get on one soon. This guy looked like the most perfect companion.

Ikat Rug — I love subtle patterns like this and recently had a pretty big obsessions with rugs…

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami — One of the best authors ever.. hoping this lives up to his other books.

Iain McKell’s images of Gypsy Life – These portraits are incredible and so honest which I love…

Plants Everywhere – I imagine someday I will have an interior like this in my house or apartment…

Elizabeth Knight’s Blade Ring — A piece out of her new collection and exactly what I need to be adding to mine.

A trip to see the Aurora Borealis — it has been on my Life List for a while… one of those places that can only be experienced in person.

Ben Newman Illustrations — The colors are what really speak to me in this piece…

get jessica’s “it list”: 1. ouija board; 2. some snazzy suspenders; 3. rick owens jacket; 4. not sure where you can find this man, but he has to be out there somewhere; 5. anthropologie’s ikat rug; 6. iq84 book by Haruki Murakami; 7. iain mckell’s the new gypsys; 8. a beautiful green room; 9. Elizabeth Knight’s Blade Ring; 10. a trip to see the aurora borealis; and 11. Ben Newman Illustrations .

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  1. Oh, I like this book, read parts 1 and 2 already, in like..a week, both. It’s great, like all of his books, I’m a fan for about 5 years now..

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