pssst. design*sponge is out! and we’re giving one away.
by victoria comment


we’ve all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this design book to hit the shelves, but it’s finally here! for two long years, grace bonney has put her heart and soul into her new book, design*sponge at home and we can finally get our hands on the 400-page, 3.4 pound design*sponge book with over 700 photographs to inspire and delight us! grace has provided me with a few of the west coast homes featured in the book to share with you. sigh. i cannot wait for my copy to arrive and a free afternoon to indulge myself!

to enter to win a copy of design*sponge at home, simply comment below, and share with us what you’re most looking forward to in the book — is it the DIY projects? the home tours? the over 50 before & afters? do tell! comment by september 16th, and as always please make sure there’s a way to contact you. in the meantime, check out grace’s introductory trailer video to design*sponge — adorable.

• Home tours of 70 real-life interiors featuring artists and designers

• Fifty DIY projects, with detailed instructions for personalizing your space

• Step-by-step tutorials on everything from stripping and painting furniture to hanging wallpaper and doing your own upholstery

• Fifty Before & After makeovers submitted by readers of Design*Sponge—real people with limited time and realistic budgets

• Essential tips on modern flower arranging, with 20 arrangements

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    • I am super excited to see all the beautiful photos. I have recently moved and need some great ideas for a new look. I think this book would be one of my “keepers”, one that I would never get rid of. It looks just gorgeous !!!

  1. I love the sneak peeks on Design Sponge to see what creative things people do to their homes. I found one of my own favorite framed pictures that way from seeing it on one of the features. Can’t wait to see a whole book’s worth!

  2. I love everyting about design sponge! IT’s a perfect combination between inspiration and techniques!!! I want that book!!! PLease!!!

  3. I’m so happy this book has arrived, but so sad that Grace is not coming to New Orleans on her book tour. I love the design sponge before and afters as it always inspires me to wander through my house saying “what can I turn you into?” to all of my furniture.

  4. I am excited about the DIY’S the most, I am trying to be more crafty and design my home the way I want! This would help so much!!


  5. I have been following this blog for years! I am SOO excited about the book!! I love the before & afters they are so inspiring…

    thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. I’ve been following Design Sponge for years, a total must-read for me. I’m waiting for the home tours and frankly? Inspiration! Because that’s what I get when I read their website.

  7. it looks like it is going to be absolutely amazing! i can hardly wait to pour over all of the home tours. just wish i was going to be in town for the NYC launch party!

  8. As a recent (and broke) college grad, I’m excited for the decorating ideas and home tours to use as inspiration for my first apartment. I need some serious guidance now that i’m trying to pass for a real adult!

  9. LOVE the before & afters! I am always in awe of how creative people are. Sometimes you can’t even tell that the after came from the before!!

  10. I can’t wait to see the home tours (and everything else)! They are always so inspirational, and I love seeing how other people put together their homes :)

  11. FINALLY! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I am most looking forward to the before and afters but I’m also looking forward to making this book the new centerpiece on my coffee table! I can not wait to share DesignSponge with all my lovely guests!

  12. There are so many things about this book I am looking forward to. But as a full time worker, part time student and home owner. I think the DIY will be my most treasured asset from the book. With so many financial obligations, DIY’s have been my lifes blood when it comes to decorating my home, and giving gifts.

  13. Oh my, I’m drooling over this! Okay, I have a BLANK SLATE happening and I need this book for inspiration and ideas! We are closing this week on a mid-century modern in Sonoma and I have the exciting task of decorating it from the ground up over the next few months! Oh, and any books out there on caring for at least a dozen fruit trees would be welcome too! Aggghhh, overwhelmed!

  14. I LOVE the before and afters, not only do they inspire me, but they also help me get over my fear of possibly ruining something, because the after is always so much better!

  15. The book looks great. Sneak peeks are my favourite part of the D*S website, so that’s what I’m looking forward to the most in the book, as well.

  16. oohhh this book looks awesome, and I am so excited to see the before and afters. So fun to see what people do! It would be some good inspiration for redecorating my bedroom!

  17. The inspiration. Seeing other skilled and talented people pull together amazing concepts and styles is something I (and many other people I am sure) feed off of. Can’t wait!!

  18. Oh YUMM! I can’t wait to see it. I think what I’d most be looking forward to is just plain old inspiration as I’m moving into a new apartment next month & really need some motivation! COngrats Grace!

  19. Really really really looking forward to this book. Would be so perfect to get me through the cold, dark nights (in autumn and winter) ahead. I hope to find some inspiration for my new living space. As an art student I finally found a place of my own, very near my university. The only thing left is making is MY living space. This book will definitely be a big help!

  20. the book looks so lovely! i look forward most to the 50 before and afters. being a student with a very limited budget, i try to squeeze in every last cent I can, but still remember that quality rules over quantity. many styles and aesthetics are going to be on display in this book for us readers to indulge and be inspired by and i hope i will too. :)

  21. i am looking forward to the DIY projects, as i’m in the middle of remodeling/redecorating an older house on a very limited budget. i’m most looking forward to the colorful and inspiring photos, though, for new ideas.

  22. I CAN’T wait for the DIY/before and afters but also the home tours. It’s not a question of voyeurism – it’s a question of inspiration! Love it, can’t live without the website so can’t even imagine how great the book will be!

  23. I am moving to SF from Brooklyn next month, so very much looking forward to the Before + Afters and DIY projects!! I love both Design Sponge and SFGirlbyBay so this feels like fate:)!

  24. Oh my gosh how wonderful! I’m most looking forward to all the inspiration in a non-computer format. It’s so great to have everything at your finger tips on the computer, but there’s nothing like sitting down with a great book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. i can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and attend the book event in atlanta in november!! i can’t decide if it’s the before & after or the diy projects that i’m looking forward to more!! thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  26. Design Sponge Before and Afters are my most favorite!! I find them super inspirational and love seeing things transformed and personalized! I would LOVE to get to flip through a real book with all those gorgeous makeovers. One of my life goals is to do one on my own good enough one to submit :)

  27. Ooooh! So excited about this book. Can’t wait to pour over all the yummy photographs – especially in the sneak peaks! Love finding new ways of displaying all my little “details”, tchotchkes, and special bits I’ve collected over the years (and have survived countless moves).

  28. I’d love to get my hands on this book! Everything about design*sponge is inspiring and great, but I’m really pumped for the 70 home tours showing how real people design and live in their own spaces. I’ve only got 475 sq. feet to work with right now, but a girl can dream.

  29. I love home tours, but I could really use some expert advice in the tutorials. We’re about to refinish some hand-me-down furniture and I’m clueless!

  30. I’m still trying to decorate my apartment 5 months after moving in, and I can’t wait for 400 pages of inspiration and diy projects to get me moving!

  31. Design*Sponge Home Tours are my favorite! So inspiring! I’m very much looking forward to a day of cocooning around the house with this lovely D*S book within reach!

  32. I’ve been addicted to the site forever and can’t wait to have all those DIYs at my fingertips in glorious, printed form! (MAJOR book junkie here, so maybe I’ll get some shelving tips.) They always seem to give me that extra bit of confidence needed to tackle a new project. I’ve been dying of anticipation for this book – every aspect from the cover forward looks gorgeous!

  33. I’ve long been guilty of sneaking peeps into people’s home whenever the opportunity (bare windows) presents itself. Thank god for DesignSponge’s Sneak Peeps, I am saved from voyeurism (It’s not what you think! I’m just staring at your FURNITURES!).

    So yes, I’d love to have this piece of eye-candy.

  34. I’m really looking foward to see the diy projects.
    I have already tried some of the ones published on the website and just love the results!

  35. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! We are moving into a new home and our low budget needs all the design (DIY) inspiration we can get.

  36. I love Before and Afters. I always take a before shot when I do a project just to remind myself of how all the hard work of doing it is sooooo worth it in the end. I’m hoping to get inspired for a bedroom and bathroom makeover.

  37. I am SO looking forward to the DIY section of D*S book. I am an avid crafter & live by the beautiful & inspiring diy posts that I always see on the D*S website. I hope to move into my first very own apartment soon & would love to give the whole place a diy look with crafts from the book.

    I cannot WAIT for the book & would LOVE a copy!!!

  38. I am looking forward to the before and afters! those are my favorite on the blog, plus all the inspiration for me to drool over!

  39. The before and afters are definitely what I’m after. We’re in the middle of redoing our house. It was my husband’s bachelor pad before we were married and he never did a thing to the “older couple with an affinity for colonial decor and baskets” look that was in here. We’ve since removed the horrid blue gingham wallpaper in our master, but we have much more to tackle. Any positive design resources would be greatly appreciated. We promise to put the book to good use!

  40. I love the sneak peeks into people’s homes. Maybe it’s my inner voyeur, but I love seeing how people do up their spaces. And Grace has such a lovely aesthetic! I’m seeing her on tour here in LA! Thank you so much for the giveaway ;)

  41. Wow!! Really?? Oh my… I’ve been tempted to pre-order this for long. I’m looking forward for the house tours, there are always so many good ideas! Design sponge is the greatest place to get inspiration.

  42. The home tours for sure! I look forward to home tour day on Design*Sponge like nobody’s business. Positively giddy that the book is finally here!

  43. Do we actually have to narrow it down as to what we’re looking forward to that’s in the book…I can’t wait for all of it! The whole kit and kaboodle! Probably though the best is the DIY, if I have to pick just one! Love, love, love Design Sponge and Sfgirlbythebay! Can’t go a day with out looking at both!!!!

  44. I am looking forward to all the inspiration I will gain for my own home. I love seeing other peoples homes and what they have done. I love DIY projects too!

  45. So looking forward to DIY and the before and afters for ideas and inspiration to make things happen in our own space. Lovely looking book (already ordered one as a gift for a friend so a gift for myself would be lovely!),

  46. oh, my! i’m so excited about this book! if i have to choose one thing that i most anticipate, it is the diy section, because i love new design tutorials. however, i’m pretty excited about the whole thing. thanks for the give-away!

  47. Ah! I cannot wait to get my hands on this book! I always love the DIY and Before & Afters, but I would say that the house tours are something I’m looking forward to the most; seeing people’s completed homes, various design aesthetics, I find so inspiring!

  48. I’m excited to see the Before and Afters! I love DIY, but I sometimes can’t “see” where it would fit in my house once I’m finished. B&As really help me to visualize changes/ideas!

  49. I’m excited about all of the DIY projects!! I’m moving into a new house and can use all of the ideas I can get my hands on. The before & afters are great, too!

    – Jaimie

  50. What a great resource! It’s hard to choose between the DIY projects or the real home tours – both would be chock-full of inspiration to brighten my own living space. There’d be a lot of earmarked pages, that’s for sure!

  51. Wow! I’m so excited for this book. I love the website and will be thrilled to hold this marvelous book in my hands! I’m in the middle of remodeling my third home and really need some new ideas!

  52. I couldn’t pick a favorite– I love the Before and Afters, DIY tips, and the home tours on the Design Sponge blog. Secretly, I think I’m looking forward to the floral arranging most. I’m terrible with plants and flowers, but I love how Bonney is looking beyond just copying decor from an image and is instead treating one home as inspiration for something else entirely like a floral arrangement. It shows that anything can be inspirational and reinterpreted into your room/workspace/wardrobe/art etc.

  53. My youngest son is leaving for college, boo hoo, in about a week and I am moving to a wonderful old home that needs some tlc, so I am looking very much forward to before and after, as I feel my life is in the ‘before and after’ stage, once again.

  54. Awesome giveaway! I’ve seen the book in person, and it’s huge :) I’m definitely looking forward to the home tours and seeing what amazing inspiration Grace has curated for us. Thanks Victoria and Grace for hosting!!

  55. Every time I read the Home Tours posts online, I always feel inspired to do more with my space! And now, to have all the wonderful inspiration in a lovely book form from Grace is the icing on the cake. Can’t wait to dig in!

  56. I’m excited about all the how-to’s & DIY ideas. Being on a small student budget, it’s helpful to be able to learn new skills and do things ourselves. So excited about this book!

  57. I read Design Sponge to get inspiration, and I would love to be able to put that inspiration right on my coffee table! I’m especially looking forward to all the before and afters.

  58. Oh my! I want this book. The DIY projects would be amazing. I love all the color and layers in the rooms, so interesting without being too matchy.

  59. I have to say that I LOVE the “before and after” projects. Those just make my day. I would be delighted to win Grace’s book! If not, I’ll definitely buy one, or three.

  60. I love to decorate and redecorate my home. Always trying to come up with or out do what I have done before. I cannot wait for the new book!

  61. I am excited about everything! But I guess the Before and Afters would be especially great because we are on a budget so to be able to do up old furniture would be great!

  62. What an awesome giveaway! And look at all those comments! Haha. Grace are her blog are so inspirational. I love Before and After posts the most, so I’m definitely looking forward to reading those in the book. Another thing I love about the book is that it’s also available in a digital version! But I certainly hope to win a hard copy ; )

  63. I can’t wait to see all of it! I love seeing Before and Afters cause it shows a person’s personal viewpoint and opens up my mind to new things!

  64. Oh boy, I cannot wait to get my grubby little hands on this book! First the Decor8 book, and now this one… it’s like early Christmas in the form of design blog books. So awesome.

    Would it be cliched to say I’m looking forward to the whole thing and being able to just hold it in my hands? haha. If I’m forced to pick, I suppose the Before & Afters since that’s my favourite feature on the blog.

    P.S. Sorry if you get my comment more than once. My internet is being bizarre and it keeps asking me to post again. So apologies!

  65. Please, count me in. In a month the building of my new house will start and I am hoarding books and magazines to get my ideas right. Design Sponge book will be the best addition. I love Grace’s taste as far as interior design goes and I cannot wait to see all the stylish homes that will be sure featured. A source of lots of inspiration, no doubt.

  66. I am making DesignSponge DIY bookplates right now! I’m excited about the whole darn book but I will probably go straight to the DIY sections first. I work at a craft store, and it’s gotten to the point where I should just start referring to it as “DesignSponge- working that store discount for all it’s worth”

  67. I am SO looking forward to this book… I will eagerly devour it from cover to back and back again! So much inspiration (in the home tours especially), so many great ideas for creative interior designs, even if you are tight on budget and space!

  68. I love before and afters because I always get a fresh perspective on what is possible with work and imagination. Plus, there is something amazing about seeing other people like yourself turning things and places into personal gold! The DIY section will probably hook me too!

  69. The sneak peeks are amazing! Not only do they satisfy my inner peeping-tom, but the creativity and hard work that goes into each contributor’s transformation is so truly inspiring.

  70. can’t wait to see the diy projects!! love all the stuff grace and her team have shown thus far. can’t wait to see the book!!!

  71. Looking forward to seeing how her amazing blog translates onto paper.
    The colors, the textures, the layouts, inspiring ideas and beautiful photos.

  72. I can’t wait for the step-by-step tutorials … it will be great to have little guides to show you how to do those everyday things that one needs to know when making something fabulous! I can’t wait for the book either … looks like it will be AMAZING!

  73. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait for the design layouts and the beautiful homes! Design*Sponge helps me make the elements of my dream home a reality, so I also cannot wait for the DIY projects in the book. Awesome giveaway!

  74. having lived in apartments for forever, i’ve always looked forward to seeing the clever before and afters on d*sponge and being inspired to do something in my home to make it my own. loving all things paper, having the BOOK as something tactile that i’ll love turning the pages and getting inspired all over again. congratulations on all the hard work to get here and for what (by all the sneak peeks i’ve seen) looks like will be a HUGE success!

  75. I’m SO excited about this book!!! Honestly, there really isn’t just ONE thing I’m looking forward to in this book. It’s everything. SOooo much inspiration. I can’t wait!!!!

  76. I’ve been a huge fan of her blog for years, and I would love to win, BUT no matter what I’ll purchase it, and enjoy every page.

    I love your blog too.

  77. I’m looking forward to the tutorials and the before and afters! Design*Sponge was one of the very first design blogs I discovered, and I’m thrilled they’re coming out with a book! =)

  78. I love DIY projects. I’m moving into my first apartment with my boyfriend soon and we are both very artistic people. I love the mixture of modern and country/ stark whites with splashes of color so I am very excited for this book! :)

  79. as a recent cohabitant with my opinionated boyfriend, design blogs have been the united nations of making joint decision on home decor. Once I show him pictures of other teeny tiny apartments, it clicks. Just a little creativity, color, and d*sponge inspiration! I came across the d*s book when we were held captive in Brooklyn during Hurricane Irene & fell in love with it! LOVE the book! It’s stunning & I can’t wait for more DIY projects.

  80. love me some Design Sponge – what i’m REALLY looking forward to seeing in the book are all the house tours as they show some amazingly beautiful homes!!

  81. I want to see it ALL!!! But mostly I want to see the before/after and DIY. I also love seeing all the home tours and dreaming up what I can do to my place. :)

  82. I’ve gotten pretty good at designing furniture that I need (and either can’t find or the budget won’t allow), but my space is a little ‘flat’. I really need more ideas on how to ‘style’ my place. Plus I love a good DIY project!

  83. It looks like coming home. I see a few items I have here in my house… Maybe the book can inspire me a bit more since I recently moved in here and although it’s very me-like there are certain finishing touches of which I’m not sure what they are yet.

  84. I am looking forward to all of it. We are just looking to buy a home and make it our own, but this time, we’re going to do it so we LOVE it. This book I’m sure will give us much inspiration. Thanks for the chance!

  85. i love the before & afters and home tours, i’m definitely looking forward to those. i hope one day mine will be featured on d*s’s website, along with pictures of our cats…the ones i’ve seen were my favorites because you can tell the animals (and kids!) felt right at home, which is how you know you’ve done such an awesome job!

  86. I’m THRILLED to get even more diy tips and ideas—the site’s been my go-to source for several years, and it will be wonderful to have as a reference. Especially as I’m moving into a new apartment!
    Plus, I just really love the pretty pictures. :)

  87. Don’t know that I can pick one thing, but certainly has to do with my long-time reading of design*sponge online as well as the fact that I can count reading it as research for my grad school project on the concept of “Home”.

  88. making my house a home – on a budget – is an ongoing process, so getting a glimpse into the homes so many creative and resourceful people is a wonderful source of inspiration!

  89. I am looking forward to the DIY projects, and being inspired by all the beautiful photographs. I love decorating so I can’t wait for this book!

  90. We’re in the process of remodeling our new home. We’re in the middle of the daunting, if exciting, task of planning out our decor. I could truly use Design Sponge’s expertise! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  91. Already my wheels are turning from the sneak peak!! I can’t wait for the DIY’s, and of course all of the gorgeous inspiration!!!!

  92. Yay! I would have to say that I am most excited to see the flower arrangements. The before and after shots will be fun too see also.

  93. I can’t wait to finger through the pages for ideas I can use in my own little space in San Francisco! And, uhh *nudge, nudge* my birthday is on Sep 19th =)
    KimberlyWarne @ yahoo. com
    kimberlywarne. blogspot. com

  94. I cannot wait for all the before and afters! I love seeing how much a space can change with the right colors, furniture, and layout. Always gives me great ideas on how to make better use of my small Seattle apartment!

  95. What am I not looking forward to! I can’t wait to peek into all the lovely new homes but I’m really excited about the how to’s on upholstery and floral arrangements. I think grace has done a really great job of making this book different from all the other wonderful home design books on the indie-market by including all the how-to sections. With Design*Sponge at Home, we’ll not only be able to see all the small but wonderful ways that people make a home, but we’ll be told how to do all those small and wonderful things in our own home. I love it!

  96. the DIYs and home inspiration are going to be so useful to me – we’re redoing 3 rooms in our home and i’m needing some visual help!

  97. I’m so thrilled for Grace, since I have been following D*S since the beginning. I’m excited for the sneak peeks. I love getting a look at people’s homes.

  98. YES….I want ideas and color and inspiration and IDEAS and motivation and excitement and where to….how to…..maybe to…..I want it ALL!!

  99. eeeee!!!! I am SO pumped for this book- my favorite part of thursday is before & after day on design sponge, and i can’t wait for all the interior inspiration! beautiful!

  100. I STRONGLY hinted to my husband how very delighted I would be if he would get me the book, but unfortunately he missed his cue. :( I am most excited about the home tours for the inspiration!

  101. I look forward to the DIY projects. I have a loft and am constantly looking for new ideas to configure the space. Love their blog/site. It *always* cheers me up!

  102. I am SOOOO looking forward to this book!!! What I love the most about inspirational artsy creative spreads is that it is like collaborating with creative friends….. not that I am going to copy something but when you have an idea and I have an idea and we share it creates MORE creativity….. for example….while cleaning out my laundry room I just made a porch chair pillow by quickly sewing up (with vintage embroidery floss and skinny ribbon) an old sweater sleeve (LARGE sweater!) and added knots all over the front..stuffed it with a couple target bags…. then took some of my old scarves and knotted them around the bottom bar of a vintage wood coat hanger……….to hang on bedroom wall. Looking at blogs and having an iced coffee gave me the needed extra energy to do some creative quickies while doing a dreaded task! That is how my brain works and the Design Sponge book will quickly become a dear friend!!

  103. The Design*Sponge before and afters are really great! I love to see how people take an unremarkable space and realize its potential through great design.

  104. I have to say I am most looking forward to the before and afters. I always get so many great ideas when I see other peoples creative projects. This book is destined to inspire me to do many new things around my house.

  105. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SMALL SPACES AND SMALL BUDGET IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!! would this book be the best-ever starting point for my first apartment out of college? YES.

  106. i love design sponge. one of the things that makes my life more beautiful and enjoyable is seeing all the beautiful homes and fabrics there and getting inspired how to do my own. I would so love to win, i am so excited to look at more of the book. please show more peeks if you can. Thanks.

  107. I can’t wait to see all of the before and after photos! I get so inspired by them. I also love DIY projects, and I think the tutorials will be so helpful. I’m trying to get ideas for my future apartment. This book looks amazing! A definite must for everyone!

  108. I would absolutely LOVE this book! I love DIY projects, crafts, and interiors. I could really use some inspiring books to help get me back on track with my design projects. Grace’s book could easily be just the one I’m looking for. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway Victoria!

  109. Exciting! The perfect inspiration for energizing me to relaunch my etsy shop.
    Such an enticing preview, it’s impossible to choose only one favorite!
    Thanks for the peek!

  110. we just bought a house so decorating and before/after tips are some ideas i’m looking forward to read…. i just love the honeycomb tile design from one of the pics…

  111. This is SUCH an awesome giveaway!! I’m dying to win! Really looking forward to the house tours…and just holding this book in my hands! My coffee table is also itching for a new design book ;)

  112. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!!! SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to use it as inspiration to finally do some (budget) brilliant renos to my tiny patch of the world that i own and call home xx

  113. I’m definitely looking forward to the “Before and After”s and the DIY projects. AND the Home Tours.

    Ok. I love D*S. I cant wait! It would be so cool to win this. Best giveaway ever :)

    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

  114. I am looking forward to all the before and after’s. they always show up in my google reader as just the before photo and i swear, the biggest thrill of my life is clicking through to see the after

  115. I can’t wait to see the DIY projects! I think I’ll need to get my hands on two copies, one to remain on my bookshelf in pristine condition and one that I riffle through, mark pages and maybe even get old school style and cut up for inspiration in my sketchbook.

  116. I already love all the images they produce; we just bought a house, so we are actually indulging in sources for legitimate inspiration rather than just seeking eye candy. This book would probably be all the inspiration we need!

  117. I’m pumped for the diy’s and the tutorials! I love the inspiration of looking at design pics, but it usually takes a good set of instructions for me to get around to designing my own place! The book looks great from the previews I’ve seen – and of course, from the blog we all know and love.

    feelingschmancy AT gmail DOT com

  118. I love everything house, design style and DIY! Have just come across this blog and this book! I love what I see AND am very keen to see and learn more, the book looks great! and the blog fantastic, so much information!

  119. Been waiting for this book! Home tours really are the highlight for me. Being able to *legally* peer into other’s homes is definitely a plus! Also, walking into my living room and seeing that chunky, bright red book everyday would bring a smile to my face.

  120. I can’t wait to open the book, smell the pages all fresh and new. I have a home built in 1923 and right now It is a blank canvas. This book will provide a road map to creating my vision for my home. I can’t wait to take the home tours and see how others create their worlds!

  121. Our house really needs a makeover so I’d love to see allll the diy’s and the inspiring house tours and the before-afters!!! Am I asking for too much ;)

  122. I am looking forward to the ‘before and afters’. We bought a new house and at the moment we are completely reconstructing it. It would be great to see what other people did. Hopefully I get some inspiring ideas.

  123. Oh wow, i must sound like a completed dork but i had no idea that she was working on a book (i know, where have i been right…) But now that i DO now that there in fact IS a book, i can’t wait to buy (or win it, fingers crossed) and spend hours with a cup of tea flipping trough pages in search of inspiration for our new home!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!


  124. well, the voyeur in me definitely will be loving the home tours, but i can’t wait for the resource guide in the back! congratulations to grace on 2 (7) years of hard work!

  125. Wow, this is a book I’d love to have ! Im so curious about the home storys. I love homestories and have a look inside a “real existing home”! Thanks for making such a wonderful and detailed book!!

  126. I really want to see the 50 diy projects…that sounds like a lot and it will be so inspiring :) I need ideas to decorate my new room

  127. OMGoodness! I want one so bad!!!! I missed her Seattle book singing sign up (I’m on the wait list). Maybe I’ll be creepy and watch through the window. I’m also moving into a new apartment after a breakup and could really use her book as inspiration. No matter what I’m going to get one…I asked Santa to bring me one.


  128. I absolutely love designsponge* and look forward to their daily posts… I am most looking forward to 400 pages of inspiration to hold in my hands!!! Plus, it’d look great with my design book collection sitting in my built-ins, swooooon.

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