separated at birth.
by victoria comment


i recently photographed this great little cacti garden that lives in the back of the general store, out in the sunset district of san francisco. it’s often quite damp with fog out there, so i was surprised how these cacti seem to thrive – hardly what you would call a desert environment where you might expect them to live. anyway, i loved the colors, and thought they’d make a nice match with some mid-century modern interiors. consider this a different sort of separated at birth.

• images via ruche; houzz; susanna vento; the vintage supply co.; plastolux; the brick house.

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  1. Oooh, I also love that last combo, the colors are fantastic. I also love the General Store and wish we had more cool shops like that here in Albuquerque. Maybe I’ll have to open one. ;) Also, I have a great book on cacti and succulents that points out how many different climates these plants thrive in. Many succulents have actually evolved to thrive in high humidity environments such as coastal regions, think San Diego and the Andes. They’re kind of like little miracle plants.

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