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So, our sweet girl Vic has a big event coming up, and I took it upon myself to give her the style boost she so desired. You might not know this about Vic, but she has the cutest figure in the world, so I opted for a mod-inspired shift dress in black to show off her smashing silhouette. The spotted heels give her a “come hither” vibe without being overtly… you know. Come hither-esque.

As for accessories, I have it on good authority that her destination host loves the color green. We chose a super affordable statement necklace and modern envelope clutch for a pop of vibrant joy to an otherwise expected outfit.

What do you think, friends? She’ll look smashing, yes? And shouldn’t we be so lucky to dress Vic every week? Oh, the fun!

editor’s note: yeah. it’s me victoria. and the lovely and super stylish erin from design for mankind is being waaay too kind about my ‘silhouette’. it can actually be seen from outer space and you don’t even have to squint. anyhow, erin created this look on a very thoughtful and fun whim, but when i saw what she’d put together and so perfectly for me, i thought it would be fun for erin to pop in every other friday with a new paper doll blogger! so please do stop by and see who’s next. i love the ensemble erin put together for me, and will be wearing it at the big event! i hope y’all in the area can come by and say hi. thanks, erin! stylist to the bloggers and beyond!

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  1. I love it! That dress is fantastic. Are you going to wear it? What a great idea to have Erin do these posts. So much fun. If only Erin could fly to Seattle, revamp my entire wardrobe, and help me choose a new haircut. The messy bun ponytail hybrid mother of a one-year-old look is definitely out. I don’t think Heidi Klum would even let me touch the runway.

    • i am indeed going to wear the whole ensemble! i didn’t order the shoes, because i have some very similar, but she “made” me buy it all. but it was pretty affordable, too!

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